Implementing Dynamics 365 to bring different parts of the Emblation business together

Focus – Enabling business processes and boosting productivity using Dynamics 365

The customer challenge

When Emblation approached Managed IT Experts they were looking to implement a solution to help tie together the different parts of the business and get rid of data silos.

An initial analysis and audit by Managed IT Experts uncovered the fact that the operations team were relying heavily on spreadsheets for stock and manufacturing. In addition, the finance department were using Sage for managing the financial side of the business whilst the customer service team were using a separate system for sales and returns.

At this point Emblation were facing a number of key issues that were holding their business back including:

  • There were many disconnected data silos across the company
  • It was proving difficult to collate information across departments
  • There was a large amount of manual data input which was prone to error
  • The lack of data visibility meant there were a large amount of internal emails and time wasted on communication
  • There was no easy way to get centralised reports on business operations which involved significant amounts of manual data manipulation

Our solution

Based on an initial requirements audit, Managed IT Experts was able to recommend a highly effective solution that combined the power of Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Business Central. This let Emblation bring all of their data and business operations and processes into the one, single environment.

Specifically, we moved:

  • the service and returns business processes into the Dynamics CRM which had the combined effective of improving productivity through the use of automation and increasing data visibility thanks to the powerful in-built reporting capability
  • the operations and finance operations of the business to Dynamics Business central which had similar productivity and automation benefits as well as advanced reporting that all staff can now access

In addition, thanks to the shared database between Dynamics CRM and Business Central all changes on the respective systems are automatically synced between them. Which provides a huge time and cost saving as it drastically reduces the amount of manual data input and manipulation of spreadsheets.

Managed IT Experts continues to work with Emblation to ensure they get maximum value from Dynamics 365.

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Based in Alloa, Central Scotland Emblation is delivering radical innovation in the treatment of HPV infections, dermatology, cardiology, and oncology.

Solution focus

Bring business processes and enabling productivity using Microsoft 365.


• Emblation wanted to bring together processes and data across their business

• Managed IT Experts was able to define and deliver a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Central

• This had the effect of driving improved productivity and increasing data visibility to drive business reporting