IT Security for SMEs in Central Scotland

Why IT Security is non-negotiable for your business

73% of small businesses suffered a breach in 2021

The average cost of an SME data breach is £12.000

Less than 24% of companies have a CyberSecurity plan in place

With the increase in Cybercrime and the growing number of attempts to breach customer data or infiltrate business systems the need for cyber security solutions has become critical. Which means Small and medium-sized businesses must prioritize the implementation of effective measures to safeguard their IT infrastructure.

If your systems are down due to an attack your business is down too.

Managed IT Experts sets itself apart as an IT and cloud solutions provider with a rounded approach to security that includes:

• a government-backed Cyber Security Audit
• employee security awareness training
• highly proactive security monitoring
• complementary Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning

Some of the Cyber Security benefits of our solutions

Maintain customer trust

By prioritizing the safety and security of your customers’ data, you can prevent the reputational harm that a cyber breach can cause. Effectively safeguarding customer information not only maintains their trust but also strengthens their confidence in your business.

Protection for employees

Your staff are increasingly working across a range of devices such as laptops and mobiles, at home and in the office – increasingly on internet-based business applications. Proactive Cyber Security ensures the safety of both your employees and your business, around the clock.

Maintain business continuity

A Cyber Breach very often translates directly into downtime for your entire business. Safeguard your uptime and productivity by taking a proactive approach to protecting your systems – that keeps them up and running.

Avoid additional costs

Security breaches come loaded with a wide range of costs – financial and non-financial – that vary from downtime costs, to lost productivity and remediation costs. Proactive Cyber Security planning helps you avoid the pain of these and mimize risk associated with them.

A proactive approach to your IT security

We tailor our approach to the specific needs of your business. Very often blending effective Cyber Security into a more comprehensive approach to IT support.

What makes us different? Here are just some of the things that set us apart:

  • broad expertise – not only in IT security – but across a range of flexible IT solutions including fully Managed IT Support and Cloud based solutions
  • consistently high quality feedback from our customers on the services we provide
  • an in-house team of experts with experience of successfully meeting the needs of customers right across Central Scotland
  • 9 Security patches applied
  • 16 login attempts  blocked
  • Guaranteed peace of mind

How we protect your business from CyberThreats

Government backed security Audit

We help improve your information security practices by leveraging the Cyber Essentials program. A Government level program that elevates the level of your IT security and includes formal accreditation for your business.

We implement recommendations

Using the insights gained from the initial Cyber Essentials Security audit, we work with you to mitigate Cyber risks in your business. Our team of IT experts offers their knowledge and support to help you bolster your IT security.

We remediate too – if it is needed

Rigorous IT security measures minimize the chance of a breach. But if an incident does occur, our team is right on-hand to quickly mitigate the consequences and restore the security of your network.

What our customers say

We specialize in delivering IT support and security solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Here, a selection of clients share their experiences of working with us.

The IT Security Services we offer in Central Scotland

Security audit

We support you in assessing the Cyber Risk profile within your business by working together on a Cyber Security Audit – using Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus. We then use the results to make your business more secure.

Staff security training

We can offer assistance in reinforcing the “soft” component of your Cyber Security defences. By providing personalized, in-house advice and training to your frontline staff, empowering them as first line defence against the hackers.

“Round the clock” monitoring

We use advanced and proactive security monitoring solutions and tools, such as anti-virus software, email protection and web filtering – which ensures you have  24/7/365 protection for your staff, IT systems –  and a diverse array of devices – including laptops and mobile phones.

Continuity Planning

It is key to have a well-defined Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan as well as good IT security.  A plan that covers various scenarios and responses, ranging from a Cyber Hack to a natural disaster that may impact your business.

Ready to enhance your IT security?

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IT Expert

We offer a broad range of services to businesses in Central Scotland

The list below should give you an idea of the scope of our areas of expertise. Item not listed? Then contact us – the odds are we probably cover the area you need!

• Remote monitoring
• Email protection
• Web protection & filtering
• Managed AntiVirus
• Patch Management
• Secure password management
• IP Access Control
• Domain and SSL tracking
• Cloud solutions
• Hardware
• Unlimited Help Desk
• Penetration Testing

• Advanced Threat Protection
• Accredited Support
• Cloud Security
• Policy Documents
• Mobile Device Management
• Security Assessment
• 24/7/365 Security Monitoring
• Dark Web Scanning
• Security Reporting
• Security Training