CASE STUDY – Processplus

Industry sector: Engineering & Process Instrumentation

Managed IT Experts has been successfully working with Processplus to deliver their IT strategy, support and development for 5 years.

Customer challenges

Phase 1 – Initial Review and Tender

The starting point for the relationship was a broad review that Processplus were carrying out of their IT support. As part of that process Managed IT Experts were invited to tender for IT services alongside their existing IT provider.

The key thrust of the project was to transform their IT approach from a reactive to a more proactive one, delivered via a Managed Service. Following an extensive due diligence process – which took into account the very specific ISO related industry requirements which apply to the sector – Managed IT Experts was pleased to be appointed IT provider for Processplus.


Processplus initially wanted a more proactive approach to managing their IT and Managed IT Experts was successful in winning the tender for this .

As part of the initial part of the engagement the focus was on moving from a costly and inflexible “break-fix” approach to a Managed IT support model that saw us become the “Virtual IT Team” for their business and included:

  •  24/7 remote monitoring of IT systems
  • access to an expert team that included an Account Manager, IT Director, Operations Manager, Senior IT Engineers and Helpdesk

At the same time, we began to work on a longer term IT Plan and Strategy, driven by a comprehensive IT audit – which was funded by Business Gateway (where Managed IT Experts is recognized as a trusted provider).

Business Benefits of Phase 1

  • Proactive approach to monitoring IT systems means potential problems are dealt with before Processplus even realize there’s a problem – which minimizes downtime
  • Managed IT Experts manage everything for Processplus and frees them up to focus fully on their business
  • A long-term plan for IT provides a strong base to continue to develop IT strategy in an incremental and cost-effective way
  • Phased development minimizes disruption to the business

Phase 2 – Business Continuity Compliance

Ensuring our customers systems and data are secure is a key focus of our Managed Services offering but, for Processplus, it was essential to also ensure that they had a Business Continuity solution in place. That meant, if the business should suffer some form of natural disaster or crash, the business could be back up and running in no time.
The issue was that their existing IT set up had a number of serious limitations in this respect including:

  • The fact that their existing data and infrastructure were hosted entirely on premises
  • Which in addition to security issues was at serious risk from flood, fire and theft
  • The absence of any backup in the event that these systems where threatened in any way

Managed IT Experts worked with Processplus to research, define and implement a fully managed Cloud based Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution that included key features like encrypted data and an additional server outside of their infrastructure. All of which means their business can be up and running immediately in the event of a major issue.

Business Benefits of Phase 2

  • Processplus can be up and running within 24 hours of a business continuity problem arising
  • Staff have the flexibility to work from anywhere and continue business as usual should this happen
  • Business downtime amounts to a maximum of 1 day instead of potentially many weeks or even months

Phase 3 – Creating the base to fully leverage the Cloud

The next phase of development involved a little bit of going backwards to go forwards. Processplus were keen to leverage the benefits of Cloud-based business apps like Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

However, to make this happen it was necessary to make some technical changes to provide the core technology base to work forward from including:

  • Moving Office 365 and business critical email to a new server
  • Upgrading the existing server
  • Moving their file server as well as instances of Sharepoint, Active Directory and MS Azure to the new server

Managed IT Experts continues to work with Processplus to develop and improve their IT capability by working in strong partnership all along the journey.

Business Benefits of Phase 3

  • Lightened the load on the existing server and provided a more secure solution
  • Phased migration minimized disruption to users and the business
  • Laid the technical groundwork for Phase 4 and leveraging the potential in Cloud based apps

Phase 4 – Unleashing the benefits of the Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Phase 4 was all about providing Processplus with the benefits of a Digital Workplace solution which leveraged the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Initially Managed IT Experts worked to support an engineering sector specific provider of digital services but this work has now been brought back in house to be managed by Managed IT Experts – under a flexible Dynamics 365 support package.

This is focused on a phased approach to unlocking the value in 365 including:

  • The development of a new interface customized to the needs of Processplus
  • Learning path interactive training for all staff
  • Sharepoint integration with Dynamics
  • Strong focus on improving project management efficiency

Managed IT Experts continues to work with Processplus to develop and improve their IT capability by working in strong partnership all along the journey.

Business Benefits of Phase 4

  • One single view of data which is available across the business
  • Moved away from complex and cumbersome spreadsheet approach
  • Teams are able to get more done, more quickly by collaborating using a smaller number of business apps

We have engaged Managed IT Experts for support and further development with our CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics)  and they have a very good knowledge of this product and its capabilities.

Scott Sinclair, MD,


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About Processplus

Processplus Ltd. headquartered in Dunfermline, Fife, is multi-disciplined process instrumentation and engineering company, and they have over 28 years’ experience in the industry.

Solution focus

Managed IT, phased IT migration and development, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and business applications


  • Managed IT Experts were successful in winning a tender for IT support services by Processplus
  • In the early stages we helped them move from a Breakfix model to more proactive Managed IT service
  • We then implemented a Business Continuity solution which ensured that in event of a disaster they could be back up and running in 24 hours
  • We continue to work with them to leverage the benefits of the Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365