Highly effective IT security training for your employees

Ensure your strongest asset is not your weakest IT Security link

73% of small businesses suffered a breach in 2021

The average cost of an SME data breach is £12.000

 36% of Cyber Attacks are caused by employees’ inadvertent actions

Your staff are on the front-line of the battle against Cyber Threats and it is only fair that you equip them with the IT security training, skills and expertise they need to be effective – in protecting your business.

Which is where employee IT security awareness training comes in.

We provide IT security training as part of a comprehensive IT security solution based approach that also includes a government back Cyber Security Audit (Cyber Essentials and Essentials Plus), proactive Cyber Security Monitoring and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning.

IT security training sets your staff up for success

An investment in IT security training is also an investment in the secure future of your business.

At Managed IT Experts our approach is to share our expertise as accredited Cyber Security specialists.

Which means we are able to provide IT security education and training that:

  • provides your staff with the expertise to become a ‘human security firewall’
  • significantly reduces the risk of data loss and downtime in your business
  • leverages the security features you already have in existing products including Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

The business benefits of IT security training are significant

Reduce the chance of attack

Effective IT security is all about managing risk. And IT security training plays a key role in reducing the chance of a breach in your business. By creating a culture of being security-aware in your business your employees develop the skills and knowledge needed to be the first and last line of defence against Cyber Attacks.

Reinforce automated security

There is no doubt that deploying automated IT security monitoring tools like anti-virus monitoring, firewalls and web filtering software protects your business digitally. But employee security training provides an additional layer of protection from threats that are more about targeting people – like phishing and ransomware.

Gain customer confidence

Your customers trust you to keep them safe – and part of that is about ensuring that their data is safe in your hands. And that your systems are secure for them to use. Giving your teams the tools and expertise to do just that gives them the confidence that your company is one they can do business with.

Reduce risk of human error

Even the most sophisticated automated security monitoring systems can only take you so far on the protection curve. What they can’t do is stop your employees from downloading a dangerous piece of malware or clicking on a suspicious link. So, educating your staff to recognize and avoid these type of threats is key.

What our customers say about working with us

We help over 50 small and medium-sized businesses to keep their customers, staff and business data secure on a daily basis. Here is just some of them say about working with Managed IT Experts.

How we can help solve your IT issues

We assess 

The first step in our process is to understand exactly what your needs are. At this stage we work with you to understand the type of work your staff undertake, the type of systems and applications they are using – and any inherent security risks they face.

We recommend

Based on the initial exploratory assessment we are able to pinpoint what your staff need to learn IT security and recommend the type of IT security training that is going to be effective for them. With a focus on the challenges they are facing.

We implement

Then we work in partnership with you to implement a training program that sets your employees up for success and which – wherever possible – leverages the security features that already present in your system set up.

Talk to us about IT security training in your business now

Very often we find that getting to an initial understanding of the key security risks your business faces – and your options for protecting it – is key. So feel free to leverage our security expertise in this crucial first step.

Book an exploratory call with us

– 30-minute no-obligation call with one of our team members
– no pressure to sign up – just an honest exploration of your IT security needs
– get an expert opinion on some of the options you have to address them


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