Cloud solution pricing

Some indicative packages and costs

The challenge with pricing for Cloud based solutions is that they are very tightly tied to very specific business requirements and variables.

For example, a one-off project for a small services business with 10 employees in a single office – which is looking at introducing a new CRM – is markedly different from a manufacturing company with 3 locations which is looking at integrating CRM and ERP solutions capabilities across the business.

However, we know that giving an idea of the type of projects that are possible is useful as you research your options.

So, as a first step, here are some examples of the types of Cloud-based solutions and support packages and pricing we provide for our customers.

Cloud solutions – some examples with pricing

Customers tend to come to us with a wide variety of business challenges and also for support on a wide range of business applications including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365, Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Power BI.

Here are some examples to give you an indication of what pricing might look like.

Please remember this is indicative Cloud solutions pricing and packaging only. For a quote customised to your own business needs please contact us.

Business Information Review​

Professional Services Company


£1,600 + VAT

  • 11 staff
  • Business information review for CRM system
  • 2 days work

Charity organisation

In Edinburgh

£2,400 + VAT

  • 20 staff
  • Business information review for a grant management system
  • Requirements gathering and documentation
  • 3 days work

Manufacturing company

London based

£4,000 + VAT

  • 27 staff
  • Business information review for an ERP system
  • Requirements gathering and documentation
  • 5 days work

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution

E-commerce retailer


£450+VAT a month

  • 35 staff
  • Wanted to start using Dynamics 365 CRM in an immersive and fully agile way by incremental development using weekly sprints.
  • ‘All in’ monthly support package

Engineering company


£800 + VAT a month

  • 42 staff
  • Already had Dynamics in place
  • Flexible ‘all in’ support package including – user support and training, regular updates, adding new functionality and features, etc.

Charity Organisation


£16,000 + VAT

  • 38 staff
  • Moved away from their old on-premises CRM to a fully cloud-based Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Fixed scope, fixed price project

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution

Construction sector

London based

£9,500 + VAT

  • 10 staff
  • Wanted to move away from spreadsheets onto a cloud-based system
  • Fixed scope, fixed price project

Medical device company

Manchester based

£19,000 + VAT

  • 20 staff
  • Wanted to migrate from Server-based Sage 50 to a new cloud-based Dynamics Business Central financial and ERP system
  • Fixed scope, fixed price project

Microsoft Power Platform solution

Printing company

Dalgety Bay & Aberdeen

£8,000 + VAT

  • 35 staff
  • Wanted to integrate their current CRM system with a third-party system
  • Fixed scope, fixed price project

Packaging manufacturer

In Edinburgh

£19,000 + VAT

  • 80 staff
  • Wanted to create business-critical real-time business insights without changing any of their current IT systems
  • Fixed scope, fixed price project

All of our licence pricing for Microsoft products used in these solutions is fully transparent as per the relevant pages for the relevant applications below.

However, our real value add is that we can simplify the complexity in the pricing structures for you and optimise your licence pricing. Which, when done right, means we can help save you a lot of money each year.

Could we help you harness the business potential of the Cloud? These are indicative costs only. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion around your specific business needs.

““We fully endorse Managed IT Experts. Professional, pro-active, innovative, customer centric and cost effective – they are an extension of our business.”

James, Specialist sign and printing company
Microsoft Power platform solution

“Since we have started using Microsoft Dynamics 365 our business processes have become much simpler – saving us time and ultimately money.”

Ian, Digital Creative Agency
Dynamics 365 solution

““We have engaged Managed IT Experts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and they have excellent knowledge of this product and its capabilities.”

Scott, Specialist Engineering business
Dynamics 365 solution and support

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