Support for your Dynamics 365

Whether we helped you get started with Dynamics or not

We provide the support – and let you focus on getting the best out of Dynamics for your business needs.

Comprehensive support. Unrivalled expertise.

Our Managed Dynamics Support subscription package includes all the resources that you will need to make sure your business and your staff are making the most of Dynamics 365. We will handle everything including:

  • helpdesk support requests
  • new feature implementation
  • technical consultancy
  • development work
  • and user training

Whether your system was implemented by Managed IT Experts or not, you’ll have easy access to our extensive expertise to ensure your Dynamics 365 system runs smoothly.

What are the benefits of this type of support?

  • You can spread your Dynamics 365 support costs with low monthly payments.
  • No minimum billing – the actual time is logged to your account.
  • Full accountability – all requests are recorded and reported back to you.
  • You get a named Technical Account Manager responsible for Dynamics 365.
  • Quarterly reviews help you to make the most of your Dynamics 365.

What is included?

  • Phone & remote assistance to answer any user questions. Plus onsite assistance to resolve any issues.
  • Individual/group user training so that your staff make the most of Dynamics 365.
  • Scheduled time to add extra functions and carry out customisations. Plus setting up additional Dynamics 365 and Office 365 applications
  • Creating additional reports, dashboard, and charts for your business insights. It can even be used to deliver the next phase of your Dynamics 365 project.

How much will it cost me?

Our Managed Dynamics Support service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a fully bespoke arrangement that adapts to your business requirements and budget.

You can simply choose how many hours you need and allocate your Dynamics 365 tasks on demand.

Managed IT Experts is an approved Microsoft Partner, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses are priced based on an official Microsoft pricelist without any additional charges.

What our existing Dynamics 365 customers say

“The Managed IT Experts team very informative in their approach. They listened to our requirements and came up with the best possible solution. Since we have started using Microsoft Dynamics 365 our business processes have become much simpler saving time and ultimately money. Thank you Managed IT Experts.”

Ian Paltiel Director,

“Dynamics 365 is great and replaced our outdated contact database and marketing spreadsheets. Looking forward to further integration into our project management system.”

Alan Shaw, Director,

Talk to us. We can help.

If you need support with Dynamics 365 then we are here to help you.

We have extensive experience of both provide support for – and development of Dynamic systems – and our expertise is available to your business from day one.

Call us now on 01383 722 225 for a no-obligation assessment of your needs. Or contact us.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

How do you charge for implementing Dynamics 365?

We charge an all-inclusive, cost-effective monthly fee for implementing Dynamics 365. This covers everything from initial set up to adding new features, training (which is kept to a minimum because of our partnership-based approach to development) and support.

This removes the need for a heavy upfront investment in the project and enables you to get up and running quickly. And know what your monthly costs are going to be ahead of time.

Will implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 take a lot of time and resources for my business?

One of the key benefits of Dynamics 365 is that it allows customers to take an incremental approach to rolling out new tools and features in their business.

So instead of taking a more traditional “big bang”, large project based approach we like to work in a more agile way by focusing on your initial priorities and getting things started in a way that matches the capacity you have in your business – and moving a pace to suit you. Which balances the need to deliver business value with minimizing disruption to your existing activities.

And because Dynamics 365 continues to add features on an almost daily basis it also allows you the ability to flex and include new requirements as they emerge – in a way that isn’t possible with an upfront, requirements led approach.

Does Dynamics 365 come with support?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 does come with support options.

These range from basic level product support – access to online resources, community forums and self-help tools – to Premium level support which includes more personalized assistance that has priority response. The pricing plan you choose for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will dictate the level of support you receive.

However, at Managed IT Experts, we believe you get the best out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 by taking a planned approach to implementation and support. This is the type of support offered by our own Managed Dynamics 365 Support subscription package which means that we handle everything including:

• providing helpdesk support for users
• new feature implementation on an ongoing basis
• detailed technical consultancy when you need it
• development work on your instance of Dynamics 365
• user training that ensures your staff get the best out of the application

All for a single, all-inclusive monthly fee with no hidden surprises, no minimum billing (we only log time for work we do) and quarterly reviews with your named Technical Account Manager.

What is a Managed Dynamics 365 subscription package?

One of the big strengths of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the almost limitless possibilities it opens up for your business. Dynamics opens up the potential for enterprise level CRM and ERP capabilities but at a fraction of the cost of traditional, heavyweight applications.

The flip side of this equation is that knowing how, and where, to get started with Dynamics is key to getting up and running quickly on the platform – and feeling the productivity and efficiency benefits for your business. Managed IT Experts is a Microsoft Solutions partner that has extensive experience of working with small and medium-sized businesses to understand their specific needs.

We have packaged all of that experience into our Managed Dynamics 365 subscription package which:

  • gets your business up and running on Microsoft Dynamics in days and weeks not months
  • let’s you start small and build incrementally from there
  • accelerates the addition of new features by leveraging our platform expertise
  • ensures your staff are comfortable and proficient using the application with onboarding training and ongoing support
  • enables you to focus on your business while we focus on building out your instance of Dynamics

All for a single, affordable monthly fee. Learn more here.