Unlock the insight in your siloed business data

With Cloud business insight solutions built on Microsoft Power BI and Dynamics 365

Bringing together the siloed, disparate data across your SMB can be a game changer for your business performance.

Previously ‘big data’ cloud solutions were the preserve of large enterprises but Microsoft is now providing the same capability to SMBs via Microsoft Power BI solutions – often combined with products like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  All at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Meaning you can cost-effectively create dashboards, reports and data views in minutes.

Managed IT Experts is a Microsoft Power BI partner that specialises in creating Cloud based business insight solutions.

Real business benefits from day one​

  • See everything in one place – with one single point of truth across sales, marketing, operations and customer service
  • Take control of your business – and make better informed decisions by sharing data across your business in real-time
  • Spot trends early –with smart data intelligence that lets you understand what is and isn’t working and take corrective action
  • Analyse customer data at a glance – with highly customizable dashboards that enable you to drill down to the data that really matters
  • Get an end-to-end view – of the customer journey from sales to service and delivery
  • Get actionable insights – that help you sell more, more often and create exceptional customer experiences that boost customer loyalty
  • Get a single dashboard view – across teams, functions and regional teams across your business
  • Empower your sales force – with deep customer profiling and AI driven insights that help you drive your business revenue
  • Create data-driven customer experiences – that give you the competitive edge you need and keep customers coming back for more


How Power BI can transform your business data insight

The best way to get a feel for how our Cloud solutions can give you access to the type of data views your business needs is to see them in action.

So why not watch our short overview video to learn how Power BI can help you:

• turn siloed data – in sources from Excel to Salesforce and Microsoft Sharepoint to Dynamics 365 – into meaningful insight
• your teams can work together on data insight using existing Microsoft applications including Microsoft Teams and Excel
• make better decisions that improve your business performance

Solutions with the power of Microsoft products built-in

Managed IT Experts is a Microsoft Silver partner and all of our cloud-based business insight solutions leverage the powerful capability of proven products like Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As an experienced Microsoft partner we are ideally placed to provide you with a solution that includes:

  • custom scoping of your own specific sales and marketing requirements
  • rapid and transparent solution development
  • user training and onboarding of the new system
  • ongoing support to ensure you continue to develop your capability

Part of a comprehensive portfolio of powerful Microsoft products

Solution delivery that is rapid and highly flexible

Feel business benefits quicker – we use highly flexible and proven Microsoft products like Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create solutions that deliver quickly for your business

Growth that matches business needs – with a Cloud-based approach the pace of development is set by you and your specific business needs. And you can start small and scale

An agile approach – your Cloud product is a journey and it is possible to get off and running and develop capability over time

Quick and budget friendly – the inherent flexibility in Cloud products mean you are off and running quickly with a solution that is flexible around your specific needs. And that includes budget-friendly and a fully transparent monthly based fee structurely

Unlock value in other Microsoft apps – our Cloud solutions also release additional value in apps you are using like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 by integrating them with Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Let us show you how to unlock your business data

Give us 30 minutes and we can show you how a Cloud-based solution can bring together disparate data silos across your business.

Schedule a no-obligation online demo now and we will:

  • Let you see how products like Power BI and Dynamics 365 can give you a whole new data perspective
  • Help you understand the upside in your data