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  • I have used MITE for three years and have always received a prompt, friendly and effective service. As a group the staff are all very friendly and professional and will go out of their way to help resolve an issue immediately. I would recommend them to every business owner.

  • With a company name like Managed IT Experts I had some negative preconceptions, however after spending a few hours with David and his team, it was clear they are deserving of the title IT Experts and they are superbly managed. I have high confidence in their ability to make the right choices for the right reasons.

  • You guys have been good, respond promptly and give helpful answers and options.

  • They are years ahead of our last IT providers. At least they actually take an interest and provide a quality service.

  • Managed IT Experts have been a fantastic addition to meet our ever growing IT needs. They are reliable, efficient and most of all – very knowledgeable! Not sure how we managed without them before!

  • Absolutely professional service, Managed IT Experts always deliver exceptional results.