Power BI Support Services

Let’s unleash the potential of your Power BI

We provide the support – and let you focus on getting the best out of Power BI for your business needs.

Comprehensive Power BI support. Unrivalled expertise.

Our Managed Power BI Support Service subscription package includes all the resources that you will need to make sure your business and your staff are making the most of your Microsoft Power BI system. We will handle everything, including:

  • helpdesk support requests
  • new feature implementation
  • technical consultancy
  • development work
  • user training

Whether your system was implemented by Managed IT Experts or not, you’ll have easy access to our extensive expertise to ensure your Power BI system runs smoothly.

Grow your business around trusted data with Power BI

“We have used Managed IT Experts and I can say from experience that their service is fantastic. Highly recommended.”

Jim Gallagher, Titan Recruitment,

“They are years ahead of our last IT providers. Because they actually take an interest and provide a quality service.”

Dougie Shaw, Managing Director,
J-TEQ EMS Solutions

Power BI Services at your fingertips

  • Data Integration: Efficiently consolidate data from diverse sources and seamlessly transition from legacy systems to Power BI. Our seasoned professionals specialize in constructing adaptable data models, enabling effortless data access and analysis. Enhance your decision-making capabilities with streamlined data integration services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.
  • Dashboard Development: Elevate your business insights with bespoke Power BI dashboards crafted by our proficient team. Collaborate with us to identify your key performance indicators (KPIs), pinpoint relevant data sources, and design intuitive, visually engaging dashboards. Empower your team with interactive tools that simplify data tracking and facilitate informed decision-making tailored specifically for the context of your business operations.
  • Data Visualization: Transform intricate datasets into engaging and interactive dashboards and reports with the expertise of our team. Leveraging Power BI, we specialize in crafting bespoke data visualizations that offer actionable insights into your business operations. Empower your decision-making process with visually appealing representations of key metrics and trends tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Power BI Implementation: Harnessing the insights gleaned from our analysis, we design a phased roadmap for the seamless integration of Power BI into your business operations. Our transparent approach involves breaking down the implementation process into clear and manageable stages. Led by our team of seasoned experts, we kickstart this journey with comprehensive business analysis services, including a meticulous technological assessment.
  • Power BI Reporting: Streamline your reporting workflow and minimize the time and resources invested in generating precise and timely reports. Collaborate with our team to conceptualise, create, and deploy tailored reports aligned with your unique requirements. Let us empower your business with custom-designed reports meticulously crafted to enhance decision-making and drive success.
  • Power BI Training & Support: Maximize the value of your Power BI investment with personalized training and support services tailored to your small business needs. Our dedicated team delivers flexible training options, including individualized coaching sessions, interactive group workshops, and ongoing assistance. Empower your team to harness the full potential of Power BI, enabling them to drive informed decision-making and achieve business objectives effectively.

Data Visualisation and Statistical Analysis

Predictive Analysis and Querying

Data and Text Mining

Get started quickly with Power BI

Leverage off-the-shelf reports – We can give your Power BI implementation the kickstart it needs using the extensive library of Microsoft data visualisations that can be tailored to your needs.

Or we can build to your own specifications – And if you need it we can also build customer data reports and visualisations to your specific business or industry requirements.

Cost-effective and transparent approach – Like all of implementations on Cloud-based products Power BI enables you to avoid heavy upfront costs with flexible user based monthly pricing instead.

Talk to us about freeing up your data

Whether you know Power BI is the solution for your business – or simply want to have an initial discussion around how you could manage your business data better – we can help.

Feel free to get in touch for an initial, no obligation online demo where we can:

  • Give you a feel for how Microsoft Power BI is already helping some of our clients (and our own business too)
  • Explore how it could do more for your business quickly

Why we are ideally placed to help you get the most from Power BI


Not yet started with Power BI? Get in touch and we can get you up and running right away.


But not getting the value you need from your existing set up? Talk to us and we can help put you on the right track.

  • We are a Microsoft Silver partner with over 15 years’ experience of working with SMB customers across Scotland and the wider UK to help them implement, develop and support projects across the Microsoft portfolio
  • Microsoft Power BI is in our DNA. We use it to power our own business.
  • All of our solutions are focused on business results. Not technology features.
  • We are already helping other clients get maximum value from Power BI.