Cyber Essentials Scotland: Certification and Costs

What exactly is Cyber Essentials? And why do you need it?

73% of small businesses suffered a breach in 2021

Average cost of a data breach is £12.000

Less than 24% of companies have a CyberSecurity plan in place

All the evidence is that Cyber Attacks are on the rise and small and medium-sized business are key targets for the bad guys. So how do you protect yourself from this very real threat? A Cyber Security Audit like Cyber Essentials is the first step in this process.

Cyber Essentials (and Cyber Essentials Plus) is a UK Government backed scheme designed to help you assess the Cyber Security risk in your business. And make it more secure using a structured and proven process.

In fact, it’s the process we use to assess our own IT security. So we are ideally placed to put it to work in your business the same way!

Manage security risks with Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

According to research by GCHQ there is around a 1 in 2 chance that your SME will experience a costly CyberSecurity breach at some point.

We can help protect against this by using the trusted Cyber Essentials framework to:

• help you assess the extent of your exposure to Cyber Security risks
• implement and effect changes to your infrastructure that address basic security areas and avoid the most common attacks
• make your business more secure

And you will be pleased to hear that Cyber Essentials costs are very reasonable.

What are the business benefits of better Cyber Security?

Peace of mind

By adopting a Cyber Essentials based approach you can help guard against 80% of the most common Cyber Attacks that small businesses experience. Giving your staff the confidence to work safely as they go about their day-to-day roles – and switching the focus from constantly worrying about security threats to building your business.

Apply a proven approach

Cyber Essentials is specifically designed to help small and medium sized businesses protect themselves from internet-based Cyber Attacks. By using 5 proven controls around boundary & firewalls, secure system configuration, network access controls, malware protection and patch management.

Reassure your customers 

By displaying the Cyber Essentials logo on your website you are sending out the message to existing customers and partners that you take IT security – and the need to protect their data – seriously. At the same time you are also reducing the likelihood that you will be subject to a Cyber attack in future.

Win more new business

Implementing Cyber Essentials successfully provides you with the springboard to win more new business. By signalling to prospective new customers that you are safe to do business with. It is also a pre-requisite in the tender process for many Government contracts.

What our customers say about working with us

How we help you use Cyber Essentials to improve your IT security

Initial assessment

The first step to understanding how to protect your business is to carry out a Cyber Security audit. We work with you to help complete the initial assessment. And also help you decide if Cyber Essentials or Essentials Plus meets your needs

Review and implement

Based on the initial audit we will choose the best fitting combination of security measures for your business – from anti-virus and web-based monitoring, to employee security awareness training.

Plan for the future

We also advise all of our customers to take a comprehensive approach to effectively managing their IT security needs as part of a wider, fully Managed IT support based approach.

How much will Cyber Essentials Certification cost?

Cyber Essentials certification starts from as little as £300 + VAT. We can also help you with Cyber Essentials Plus and other certifications. Please get in touch and we will provide you with a tailored quote.

Book an exploratory Cyber Essentials call

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