Transform your customer and field service

With a Cloud customer service solution built around Microsoft Dynamics 365

Delivering high levels of customer service and the financial health of your SMB are inextricably linked.

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Field Service modules provide you with the capability to strengthen your customer relationships by delivering a consistent experience across all customer touchpoints, resolving issues faster and transforming the way your staff work in the field.

We are a proven Microsoft Solutions partner with extensive experience of working with SMBs across a wide range of sectors.

Real business benefits from day one​

  • Create effortless support experiences – make it easy to find answers through self-service, community or social channels
  • Use AI through virtual agents – use service bots to automate resolution and free your agents up for higher value interactions
  • Resolve issues before they happen – and keep customers happy ahead of time with predictive care
  • Guide agents to optimal outcomes – let intelligent automation dynamically guide agents to the right actions by surfacing relevant information exactly when they need it
  • Personalise service at every touchpoint – a 360-degree view of each customer’s journey enables your staff to anticipate needs and personalise every interaction
  • Turn service into revenue – use service and support to drive upsell and cross-sell by empowering staff with automated recommendations
  • Learn from your customers – create opportunities to improve the service experience through feedback, forums and social listenings
  • Turn insights into action – improve service through targeted analysis of service and business-critical data
  • Speed onboarding & adoption – quickly onboard new agents and keep them fully up to date on new features and best practices


How intelligent automation of your Customer Services process is a game-changer

Getting a practical feel for the type of day-to-day automation capability we are providing for SMBs is the best way to see where our Cloud solutions might fit in your business.

So why not watch our on-demand webinar here to learn how we:

• can build time-saving workflows that boost your productivity
enable everyone to build secure workflows with a low-code guided experience
automate time consuming tasks using built-in AI capability

Proven Microsoft products are at the heart of our Cloud solutions

The fact that Managed IT Experts is a Microsoft Silver partner ensures that your Cloud Customer service solution fully leverages the capabilities in proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules like Dynamics Customer Service and Dynamics Field Service.

Our focus is entirely on providing you with a solution that includes:

  • custom scoping of your own specific sales and marketing requirements
  • rapid and transparent solution development
  • user training and onboarding of the new system
  • ongoing support to ensure you continue to develop your capability

Part of a comprehensive portfolio of powerful Microsoft products

Rapid implementation aligned with flexible solution delivery

Business benefits from the outset – the modularity of products like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Field Service means they can deliver rapid business benefits

Growth tailored to your business – keep business disruption to a minimum with solutions that start small and scale as you need them.

Flexible approach to implementation – we see your Business Central implementation as a journey, not a project.

On-budget with rapid delivery – by their very nature Cloud solutions remove the need for costly upfront investment in infrastructure which means you get started quickly. And benefit from highly transparent monthly based user pricing – not penal up-front investment costs

Explore over time – the good thing about Cloud solutions as they are more of a journey than a fixed term project which means your capability evolves over time

We can help transform your customer service

Practical examples of how the Cloud supports customer service – like providing single customer views for customer service advisors – are the easiest way to get a feel for the potential in the Cloud.

Why not book a demo and let us show you:

  • Contact us to find out how Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help you manage relationships end-to-end
  • How Dynamics 365 Field Service uses intelligent planning to optimise your operations in the field