Transform your business with Microsoft Dynamics

Make the most of a flexible and cost-effective cloud solution

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of cost-effective, intelligent CRM and ERP
business applications that your organisation can use to run the entire business.


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What Microsoft Dynamics can do for your business? 

Dynamics 365 enables you to connect your entire business – across Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Finance – and boost your productivity and business growth by:

  • Helping you acquire new customers and strengthening relationships with your current clients.
  • Removing gut feel analysis by providing a 360-degree data view of your business by cutting through existing data silos
  • Enabling you to tailor Microsoft Dynamics closely to the way your business and your teams want to work – including effective remote working
  • Enabling you to start small and scale – with highly cost-effective pricing

“Since we have started using Microsoft Dynamics 365 our business processes have become much simpler saving time and ultimately money.”

Ian Paltiel Director,

Connect your business. Drive your growth.

Find and close more deals, more quickly

Give your sales teams sales tools and data they need – on platforms like LinkedIn – to find, forecast, collaborate on & close more business.

Deliver highly personal customer experiences

Let customers help themselves. Deliver personalised service across all channels including chat, web & telephone.

Intelligent field service planning

Use intelligent, real-time planning capability to optimise resource & journey planning – &  technician time using our mobile app.

Quickly understand the health of your business

Drill down from high-level business metrics on revenue, profitability & budget planning to specifics on daily cashflow.

No need to break the bank for any of this

Dynamics 365 is a highly affordable, cloud-based solution for businesses – low up-front investment & pay-as-you-go pricing.

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“Dynamics 365 is great and replaced our outdated contact database and marketing spreadsheets. Looking forward to further integration into our project management system.”

Alan Shaw, Director,

“We have engaged Managed IT Experts for support and further development with our CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics) and they have a very good knowledge of this product and its capabilities.”

Scott Sinclair, MD,

Customer success stories

A highly flexible solution. An innovative approach to implementation.

Get up and running quickly – the Cloud-based nature of Dynamics 365 means you can be experiencing the benefits much quicker than traditional IT projects.

Build as you go – start with what you need and then evolve, grow and transform your business at a pace to suit your needs and that minimizes disruption.

Flexible approach to implementation – we see your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation as a journey, not a project.

Cost-effective and transparent – because Dynamics is delivered in the Cloud you can avoid heavy up-front investment and pricing is based on a straight-forward per user per month fee.

Complete flexibility – Dynamics 365 also provides the flexibility to scale up and down as your business needs change. Talk to us about our Dynamics 365 Managed support option.

Seeing really is believing with Dynamics

The best way to experience Dynamics 365 is to see it in action for yourself.

Feel free to get in touch for an initial, no obligation online demo where we can:

  • Give you a feel for how Dynamics 365 helps our clients
  • Explore how it could benefit your business quickly

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Why we are ideally placed to help you


If you are ready to get started with Dynamics 365 then get in touch and schedule a quick initial demo where we can explore your needs


But not getting what you need out of it? We can quickly get Dynamics delivering real value for your business.

  • We are a Microsoft Silver partner with over 15 years’ experience of working with SMB customers across Scotland and the wider UK to help them implement, develop and support their Dynamics 365 projects.
  • We know Dynamics. In fact, it’s the engine that drives our business too. But don’t just take our word for it. Visit our case studies page to hear what our customers think about work.
  • We are focused on your business. Not your technology.
  • We can provide clear, simple and cost-effective pricing for a Dynamics 365 Managed Service that includes access to our expertise, development, support and the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted partner.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

What exactly is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how can it benefit my business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 revolutionises CRM and ERP by applying intelligence to all forms of data and it enables SMBs to evolve from a reactive business decisions approach to proactive insights that empower your employees to accelerate business results.

It provides benefits across your business from finding and engaging your customers, to optimising operations, empowering your employees and transforming the way you deliver your products and services. It provides a single 360° , data-driven view of your business across sales, customer acquisition, customer service and back-end operations.

What are the key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers your business a wide range of benefits including:

  • Unified Platform: Dynamics 365 brings a raft of business applications, such as CRM, ERP and marketing automation together in a single, streamlined platform
  • Scalable and affordable: subscription-based pricing gives you the flexibility to scale up or down in terms of users or modules as your requirements change
  • Real-Time Insights: Dynamics 365 is a dashboard driven solution that includes powerful, real-time analytics and reporting tools that enable data-driven decisions
  • Enhanced Productivity: streamlined processes, automation, and integration with familiar Microsoft tools increases efficiency and productivity for your teams
  • Personalized Customer Experiences: deliver personalised customer experiences that better meet customer needs using deeper customers insight and behavioural data
  • Improved Customer Service: make customer support more efficient through effective case management, self-service portals, and knowledge bases
  • Flexibility and Customization: Dynamics 365 offers out-of-the-box solutions but is also flexible enough to adapt to your own specific business processes
  • Security and Compliance: Microsoft takes security and compliance seriously, and Dynamics 365 benefits from the robust security measures provided by the Azure cloud platform. This ensures that sensitive data remains protected and meets industry-specific compliance standards
  • Continuous Updates and Support: As a cloud-based service, Dynamics 365 receives regular updates and improvements from Microsoft. This ensures that the system stays current with the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 a CRM?

The short answer is yes – Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM, in that it provides businesses with CRM capability. However, it also integrates with a wider suite of business applications that includes not only CRM functionality but modules including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), marketing automation, field service management and human resources.

The CRM functionality within Microsoft Dynamics 365 is delivered through two key modules – Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service – which provide the tools and capabilities to help your business build and maintain stronger customer relationships by managing and optimising interaction and relationships across the customer lifecycle.

Can I implement Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud?

Yes, you can implement Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud.

Dynamics is available as both a Cloud offering and on premises. However, implementing in the cloud has a number of benefits including:

• No infrastructure to manage – a Cloud solution removes the need for costly servers and hardware – as well as the cost of maintaining them inhouse
• High degree of flexibility – with the ability to quickly switch on new modules and features without the need for extensive configuration on the ground
• Full data backup – your data is kept safe by regular data backups
• Upgrades are built-in – because your instance of Dynamics 365 is in the Cloud, upgrades become a hassle-free process
• Leverage other Microsoft products – you are able to work closely with other Microsoft tools and applications like Outlook, Excel and Word – and Microsoft Teams – from directly in the Dynamics interface itself.

Interested to see it in action? Talk to us about a demo.

How is Dynamics 365 priced?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a flexible pricing model to accommodate various business needs and sizes. The pricing is based on a subscription plan that provides access to specific applications and services within the Dynamics 365 suite. Here are the key factors that influence the pricing:

1. User Licenses: The cost is typically determined by the number and type of user licenses required. Different types of licenses are available, such as user-based licenses for individual users and device-based licenses for shared device access.

2. Plan Selection: Dynamics 365 offers several plans, each tailored to specific business functions, such as Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Finance, and Supply Chain Management. Organizations can choose the plans that best align with their operational requirements.

3. Cloud vs. On-Premises: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is primarily a cloud-based solution, and the subscription fees are typically based on cloud deployment. However, for some applications, there might be an option for on-premises deployment, which may have different pricing considerations.

4. Initial Implementation Costs: In addition to subscription fees, businesses should consider the initial implementation costs when budgeting for Dynamics 365. The implementation costs cover services such as system setup, data migration, customization, and training. These costs can vary based on the complexity of the implementation and the level of customization required. You can find some examples here.

Due to the customizable nature of Dynamics 365 and the variety of licensing options available, it’s recommended that businesses reach out to Microsoft or their authorized partners to discuss their specific needs and receive a tailored pricing quote. This allows organizations to select the most cost-effective plan that aligns with their business goals, budgetary considerations, and takes into account the initial implementation costs.

We would be more than happy to provide you with a free, no obligations quote for both licences and any implementation work required.

Can Managed IT Experts help my business implement Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Managed IT Experts has over 15 years’ experience of providing state-of the-art and proactive digital IT solutions to a wide range of small and medium-sized business in Scotland and the wider UK market.

We are a Microsoft Silver Partner with extensive experience of implementing Cloud based solutions including Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can find some customer case studies for Dynamics implementations on our resources page here including the Internet Creation case study.

We help businesses who want to get started with Dynamics 365 and also who would like to make the most of their existing Dynamics 365 solution.

What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 do?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables business to better manage customer relationships, improve operational processes, get better insights from their data and drive business growth and success.

It provides a modular approach to building out your business capability including:

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): tools for managing customer relationships including sales automation, marketing automation, and customer service.
  2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): that helps streamline activities across financial management, supply chain management, inventory control, and other operational processes.
  3. Unified Data and Insights: brings disparate data silos together from across your business to provide a central, real-time data view that enables better decision-making
  4. High degree of scalability: the Cloud based nature of Dynamics 365 means it can adapt to your changing business needs
  5. Microsoft Products integrations: Dynamics 365 also seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft tools like Office 365, Power BI and Power Apps
  6. Machine Learning and AI capability: in the shape of predictive analytics, personalized recommendations and automation of routine tasks

Are there any drawbacks of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a powerful suite of tools for businesses seeking comprehensive CRM and ERP solutions. While it is widely used and valued for its extensive features and scalability, there are some considerations to keep in mind. The platform’s initial investment and ongoing costs are higher than so-called “out-of-the-box” apps that are very restrictive in terms of customisation. However, if you compare it like for like with competitor CRM/ERP platforms such as Salesforce, Oracle, etc. you will find that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is very competitively priced. So, as always, it is all about comparing ‘apples with apples.’ 😊

It is perhaps not so much a drawback of Microsoft Dynamics 365 but it is worth mentioning the customisation potential in Dynamics has virtually no limits. And for some customers, it could appear a bit complex initially. This is where the support and advice of an experienced Microsoft partner really comes into its own. Their deep knowledge of the product will enable them to map your business requirements and tailor the most important features in Dynamics 365 to get you up and running with a solution. Cost-effectively and quickly.

How quickly can I get started with Dynamics 365?

We see implementing Dynamics 365 as a journey and not a project. So, we aim to get you up and running as quickly as possible without the restriction of a fixed requirements-based approach.

This flexible approach means you begin to feel the business benefits from Day 1 – it also means there are no hidden extras – everything is built-in from on-going business analysis to incremental implementation and ongoing advice on your roadmap.

All of this reduces the risk in the project and provides you with the option to scale up and down as your business needs dictate.

Schedule a demo: With Dynamics 365 seeing really is believing. Contact us now to schedule a no obligation demo and find out how Dynamics can work for your business.

Who are Managed IT Experts and how can they help me with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Managed IT Experts has over 15 years’ experience of providing state-of the-art and proactive digital IT solutions to a wide range of small and medium-sized business in Scotland and the wider UK market.

We are a Microsoft Silver Partner with extensive experience of implementing Cloud based solutions including Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can find some customer case studies for Dynamics implementations on our resources page here including the Internet Creation case study.

We help businesses on a spectrum from wanting to get started with Dynamics 365 to making more of their existing instance of it.