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Let us introduce the next generation of cloud-based CRM system …
Microsoft Dynamics 365!

Why choose Dynamics 365?

Unlike most other CRM systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a platform that can be specifically tailored to your needs and how you work. With the technical backing of the largest software company on earth, Dynamics 365 integrates alongside your familiar collaboration & communication tools within Office 365.

Dynamics offers a near endless variety of services & customisations making it easier to apply to the workflows within your growing business.

At Managed IT Experts we hold the expertise both technically and commercially to tailor Dynamics 365 to your business and enhance your workflows through the power of the system.

Drive efficiency & productivity.
Anytime, Anywhere Access.
Easily Communicate and Collaborate.
Tailored to your business and processes.
Safety and Security.
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Key Aspects of Microsoft Dynamics 365



Like most CRM’s, Dynamics 365 is easy to use and efficient, ensuring that users get work done and aren’t encountered by complicated and difficult problems. The seamless integration of Dynamics with Office 365 will allow your employees to sell more and save time, resulting in an explosion of business productivity for your company.



Dynamics 365 allows your company to start with what you need and then grow, evolve and transform at your own pace by adding relevant applications to run your entire business as you need them. The fusion of an adaptable CRM system and the cloud allows for you to create a unique infrastructure and enable your organisation to progress with Dynamics 365.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Just like Office 365; the pricing for Dynamics 365 is built to a straight-forward fee per user, per month. With a seamless integration into your communication & collaboration tools inside Office 365, you can also enjoy the savings and reliability of not having to rely on a long list of third-party applications & services for your day to day workflows.



One of the major characteristics that distinguish Dynamics 365 from other CRM systems is its flexibility. Dynamics is highly customizable and built on a strategic framework, which allows businesses an almost limitless range of options to truly tailor the system to any business operational need, rather than the business having to fit-in with the technology.

Purpose Built

Purpose built

Dynamics delivers the purpose-built applications in the cloud designed to work seamlessly together, so you can build as you go. Dynamics 365 applications fit across many industries to help your business workflows evolve across an array of different functional areas including Sales, Operations, Finance and Marketing; while integrating with the familiar tools already being used in your business through Office 365.

Fully Functional CRM for Each Department

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics allows users to import data easily and efficiently. You can categorize external data as a single import or you can transfer information in batches as you need it. Users can save precious time and keep your customers satisfied because everything you need is in single user-friendly portals.

Since Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft product, it can be integrated with the full  Office 365 suite of tools, including libraries on SharePoint. So, sending quotes, RFPs and emails are quick and easy. You can conveniently store all your Office templates for use in relevant scenarios.

Above all else, Dynamics is extremely convenient for sales workers as the ability to access data anytime, anywhere allows your work force to seize opportunities and close deals without restriction.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Build great customer relationships by focusing on optimum customer satisfaction with the Customer Service apps. Customer Service provides many features and tools that organizations can use to manage the services they provide to customers.

Dynamics allows users to track customer issues, record interactions, share information, create ques, create and track service levels, define service terms, manage performance and create schedules.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Dynamics 365 for provides a complete field service management solution. To not only support your team on the road, but the back office operation between the two.

These include service locations, customer assets, preventative maintenance, work order management, resource management, product inventory, scheduling and dispatch, mobility, collaboration, customer billing, and analytics.

Dynamics 365 for Operations and Finance

Dynamics 365 for Operations and Finance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps organizations drive digital transformation by providing the tools they need to connect and manage their clients, finances, projects, and people in a unified, integrated environment.

Leveraging the best ERP features used by over 23,000 organizations around the world. Dynamics helps companies streamline key finance and project-related business processes and gain the visibility they need to maximize their revenue and profitability levels.

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