Grow your business

With our Cloud CRM solutions built around Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connecting your sales and marketing teams digitally is key to driving revenue.

Our Cloud enabled, Microsoft Dynamics 365 based solutions help you take a data driven approach that accelerates your sales pipeline. By giving you the enhanced data insight you need to visualize prospects. And then using AI, automation and personalisation to help them convert quicker.

Managed IT Experts is a proven Microsoft Dynamics partner in the UK with extensive experience of implementing flexible and cost-effective Dynamics CRM solutions for customers across a wide range of sectors.

Proven Sales and Marketing benefits. From day 1​

  • Shorten onboarding time – for new sales staff with contextual help and an AI-driven sales process
  • Increase sales effectiveness – by using real-time analytics dashboards to plan and monitor results
  • Gain visibility & insights – move from data to predictive insights with interactive, drill-down reports
  • Use out-of-the-box dashboards – dynamic lead scoring and segmentation to gain customer insight
  • Run multi-channel campaigns – and monitor interactions across emails, landing pages & social media
  • Use online customer surveys – to better understand what your customers really need
  • Create a single view of the customer – with one, 360° view of contacts, leads & customers
  • Close more deals – with personalized, account-based marketing that drives relationships and revenue
  • Use powerful automation – to drive prospects quickly through the funnel
  • Simplify sales execution – and accelerate deals with an end-to-end guided experience for opportunity management
  • Increase seller productivity – with intuitive, familiar tools like Excel and Outlook alongside Dynamics 365
  • Sell anytime, anywhere – support sales on the go, using contextual insights via mobile app
  • Provide the best next step – and stay informed about customers you care about with embedded insights
  • Target new customers – enable insight-driven social selling and get lead recommendations via LinkedIn
  • AI driven insight – guides sales staff through best next steps to close business more quickly
  • Enable relationship selling – by connecting data and processes that build trust and scale easily
  • Get a clear view of organization structure – with interactive org charts that identify stakeholder relationships
  • Personalise your content – and sales documents with embedded Office 365 tools

Cloud solution spotlight

How using Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 can drive sales team productivity​

Seeing real-life examples of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in action can really help you understand the potential in our Cloud based solutions.

So why not watch our on-demand webinar on the left to learn:

  • Why being able to focus is key for your sales people
  • How combining Microsoft Teams and  Microsoft Dynamics enables quick collaboration on opportunities, accounts and dashboards
  • How sales automation can turbo-charge your sales efforts

Solutions built on proven Dynamics 365 from Microsoft

Managed IT Experts is a Microsoft Silver partner and all of our CRM based cloud solutions leverage the powerful capability of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

As an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner we are ideally placed to provide you with a solution that includes:

  • custom scoping of your own specific sales and marketing requirements
  • rapid and transparent solution development
  • user training and onboarding of the new system
  • ongoing support to ensure you continue to develop your capability

We have extensive expertise right across the Microsoft business applications suite 

A flexible approach. With rapid implementation.

Feel business benefits quicker – the modular, Cloud-based nature of Dynamics 365 ensures that you get up and running quickly

Grow at your pace – you can minimize the disruption to your business by starting small with what you need and growing from there

Plot your path to the Cloud – we don’t view your Dynamics 365 solution as a project, more as an implementation journey

Rapid implementation – Cloud based solution delivery means you can quickly scale up and down to meet your business needs. Without the heavy up-front costs traditionally associated with Cloud projects. And all with transparent, cost-effective user based monthly fees

Integrate with existing apps – open up the power in existing Microsoft applications like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 by connecting them to Dynamics 365

Seeing really is believing with Dynamics 365

The best way to experience our Microsoft Dynamics 365 based solutions is to see them in action for yourself.

Feel free to get in touch for an initial, no-obligation online demo where we can:

  • Give you a feel for how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps our clients
  • Explore how it could benefit your business quickly

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 a CRM or an ERP?

The broad answer to this question is that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is effectively both.
What might help here is two quick definitions as follows:

  • CRM applications – are designed to manage the interactions and relationships your business has with prospects and customers. And are focused on generating leads, increasing sales, improving customer service and business growth
  • ERP applications – managed and streamline your business processes from end-to-end. So they are designed to cover all aspects of your business from warehouse management and manufacturing operations to project management and finance – and supply chain.

Microsoft Dynamics is a comprehensive platform that offers both CRM and ERP functionality in one business application. Dynamics is also modular that enables you to build out both CRM and ERP functionality as you go with key modules across the full spectrum of business functions.

And because Dynamics has both types of capability it offers significant business benefits in terms of improved data accuracy, comprehensive and efficient business processes, enhanced customer service and improved profitability – due to the singular business insight it provides.