Independent IT Review

Independent IT Review


Why undertake an Independent IT review?


Many businesses are frustrated with the efficiency of their IT. However, it is too complicated and time-consuming for them to review it themselves without having to dive deep into the technical aspects of their IT set-up.

That is why we offer truly independent IT reviews and advice to businesses to ensure that your IT systems and strategy help you with maximising your business growth.

An IT review provides you with an understanding of the health of your business IT systems. Also, it identifies any areas of your IT that require improvements that should be undertaken as a priority to capture cost savings quickly or to improve service levels to the business.


What does an Independent Review involve?


We will assess your internal IT service delivery or external IT service provider to consider if improved services or technology could provide efficiency improvements or cost reductions.

We will review your technology roadmap, consider technology failure scenarios and ensure that appropriate steps have been taken to mitigate those risks that are a real danger to the business.

We will assess your business requirements, best  IT practices, cost and service benchmarks, new technologies and service delivery models. Also, we will provide actionable advice on how to improve your IT service levels and IT efficiency.

At Managed IT Experts we focus on providing our clients with practical and actionable recommendations on how to create optimal and the most cost-efficient technical solutions for your business.

We are practical people focused on delivering tangible outcomes rather than long “shelfware” reports that appear impressive but could never be implemented. Our methods, processes and software tools are tried and tested to rapidly and reliably collate our recommendations.


A few examples of how your business could benefit from the Independent IT Review

  • Initial Technical Review. It would provide you with a plain English report based on Best IT Practices. It provides a transparent and independent view of your current IT infrastructure with scoring system and recommendations.
  • IT infrastructure review. If your IT systems are old and need to be replaced soon, we can provide you with the full review and recommendations on the most cost-efficient and best fitting option.
  • Business Information Review. We will review your business software, analyse your requirements and provide you with recommendations on the most cost-efficient and best fitting solution on the market.


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