Highly effective Cyber Security solutions for your SME

What is Cyber Security? And why does it matter for your business?

73% of small businesses suffered a breach in 2021

The average cost of an SME data breach is £12.000

Less than 24% of companies have a CyberSecurity plan in place

From customer data breach attempts, to hackers trying to infiltrate your business by impersonating staff members – Cyber Crime and threats are on the rise. And no size of business is immune to them – which makes it imperative for small and medium-sized businesses to have cyber security solutions in place that will protect your IT infrastructure.

The reality is that your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business – and it is essential that you take the right kind of steps to protect it. And avoid the heavy financial costs and damaging reputational risks associated with a Cyber Breach.

At Managed IT Experts we are the type of IT security provider that takes a comprehensive approach to reducing risk. Protecting your business through a combination of services that includes a government backed Cyber Security Audit, employee security awareness training, highly proactive security monitoring – and, should the worst happen – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning.

And the business benefits of effective CyberSecurity are considerable

Retain customer trust

You can avoid the potential reputational damage that a Cyber breach can cause your business by proactively ensuring you keep your customers’ data safe and secure. They are the lifeblood of your business and keeping them secure ensures you maintain their trust and confidence.

Keep your employees safe

Effective Cyber Security creates a safe working environment for staff which ensures they are free to carry on their work. Protected from Cyber Threats that range from Ransomware and Phishing to Malicious Adware. And ensuring their key focus is on developing and building your business.

Ensure business continuity

If your IT systems are down due to a Cyber Breach then your business is down too. Make sure you ‘stay open for business’ and avoid your systems slowing to a crawl as viruses take hold. By implementing an effective IT security strategy that safeguards your business productivity.

Avoid costly remediation

The reality is that successful Cyber Attacks are costly for your business in a myriad of ways. From time wasted dealing with them including loss of productivity to the high cost of remediating them, Being proactive around protection helps take many of these risks out of the equation.

A solution-based approach to IT security

At Managed IT Experts we take a comprehensive approach to ensuring the high level of Cyber Protection your business deserves.

As an approved Microsoft Silver partner and IT security provider we are able to blend the best of the security features of the Microsoft suite of products with other best-in-class security software tools and security awareness training. All specifically designed to protect your business from Cyber Security threats.

For many customers,  we also do this as part of a comprehensive approach to delivering effective Fully Managed IT support services.

  • 9 Security patches applied
  • 16 login attempts  blocked
  • Guaranteed peace of mind

A proven 3 step approach to removing Cyber Threats

We help with a Cyber Essentials security audit

We help you adopt more effective information security practices using the Government backed Cyber Essentials program. Which ratchets up your IT security and includes formal security accreditation for your business.

We implement and monitor your security

Based on the initial Cyber Essentials Security audit we work collaboratively with you to reduce Cyber risks in your business, providing you with the benefit of our IT security expertise. And the help you need to improve your security posture.

We can also remediate if it’s needed

Stringent IT security measures significantly reduce the chances of a security breach. However, if the worst should happen, our team are on hand to quickly mitigate the impact and secure your network again.

What our customers have to say about us

We are an IT security provider that helps small and medium-sized businesses with IT infrastructure security solutions every day. Here is what just some of them have to say about working with us.

A comprehensive portfolio of IT Security services

Cyber Essentials security audit

We help you assess the Cyber Risk profile inside your business. Working together on a Cyber Security Audit as part of the end-to end compliance and certification process for Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus.

Security Training for Staff

As an IT training provider we can reinforce the “soft” element of your Cyber Security defences by delivering tailored, in-house advice and training to staff. Ensuring they become a knowledgeable ‘human shield’ against key threats.

Best-in-class, security monitoring tools

We deploy highly effective and proactive security monitoring and threat detection tools. Including Anti-Virus, Email protection and web filtering. That all work 24-7-365 to keep your staff, IT systems – and a wide range of devices from laptops to mobile phones – safe.

Business Continuity and Disaster recovery

Protecting yourself against IT security risks makes sense. But a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan is essential too. That covers everything from a Cyber hack to a natural disaster affecting your business.

We are ISO Certified​

At Managed IT Experts Limited, all our work meets the requirements of the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. To our customers, that means we understand the value of working to an agreed set of procedures. By maintaining our focus on processes, we can achieve our goals quicker, securely and more effectively.

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IT Expert

We have a broad range of IT expertise

The list below should give you an idea of the scope of our areas of expertise. Item not listed? Then contact us – the odds are we probably cover the area you need!

• Remote monitoring
• Email protection
• Web protection & filtering
• Managed AntiVirus
• Patch Management
• Secure password management
• IP Access Control
• Domain and SSL tracking
• Cloud solutions
• Hardware
• Unlimited Help Desk
• Penetration Testing

• Advanced Threat Protection
• Accredited Support
• Cloud Security
• Policy Documents
• Mobile Device Management
• Security Assessment
• 24/7/365 Security Monitoring
• Dark Web Scanning
• Security Reporting
• Security Training