Helping Rautomead make the move from “on-premise” Microsoft Dynamics to Cloud based 365

Focus – migrating to the Cloud to leverage the benefits of Dynamics 365

The Customer Challenge

Prior to working with Managed IT Experts Rautomead already had experience of working with the Dynamics CRM platform. So, they understood the potential it had to boost productivity and grow their business. However, they were using an older, “on-premise” version which was no longer going to be supported by Microsoft.

Rautomead were facing a number of key issues at this point including:

  • The existing “on-premise” version of their Dynamics software was no longer going to be supported
  • They were facing a large capital cost in upgrading to the new “on-premise” version of Dynamics
  • That cost would have to be paid again in a 5-year hardware cycle
  • The “on-premise” version would not have worked well with the Cloud-based Office 365 which Rautomead were in the process of implementing

Our Solution

Having had a chance to assess their specific requirements, Managed IT Experts were able to demonstrate the benefits of migrating to the newer, Cloud-based version of Dynamics 365 which included a massive saving in hardware terms – removing the need for new servers and infrastructure maintenance. As well as savings in future by removing the need for further version updates.

One of the additional benefits for Rautomead is that the Cloud-based version of Dynamics 365 is constantly kept up to date and with the latest features seamlessly released onto it as they become available. Out of the box integration with other Microsoft products including Office 365 was also a real bonus in terms of getting maximum value from their investment.

A key additional part of the project was allowing Rautomead to continue to use the Outlook and Dynamics integration which they had established with the old platform . This presented a real challenge, due to the specific user interface no longer being supported. Fortunately, the technical team at Managed IT Experts were able to create an interface that met the specific requirements of Rautomead.

Managed IT Experts continues to work with Rautomead to ensure they are able to leverage the full benefit of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Established in 1978, Dundee based Rautomead Limited has evolved to become the world’s leading and most experienced supplier of continuous casting technology for non-ferrous alloys.

Solution focus

Moving from “on-premise” MicrosoftDynamics to Cloud-based 365


• Rautomead were using a version of Microsoft Dynamics which was no longer going to be supported

• Managed IT Experts was able to successfully migrate them to the Cloud based Dynamics 365

• Resulted in not only a massive cost saving but also out of the box integration with other key products