Flexible IT support solutions for your business

Why effective IT matters for your business

27% of small businesses don’t have IT support

60% of employees say their office technology is inadequate

Nearly 80% of SMEs believe technology can improve their efficiency

Highly flexible IT services are key for small and medium-sized business to help them grow and thrive.

We are an IT solutions provider with over 15 years of delivering proactive, cost-effective and highly responsive managed IT solutions to SMEs that not only enhance your existing IT infrastructure but also guarantee you get the most out of any future investments too.

Whether you are looking for adhoc IT services, fully Managed IT support services or an independent review of your IT infrastructure we provide highly secure IT solutions that are designed to align with your business goals, drive productivity and support your business growth.

Our IT solutions are designed to meet your needs

Fully-Managed IT Support

Proactive and fully Managed IT support services for a single monthly fee.

Ad-Hoc IT Services

Flexible IT support which is available on an ad-hoc basis – as and when you need it.

Independent IT Review

An independent review that provides a ‘real-time’ health assessment of your IT infrastructure.

The benefits of IT managed services to your business are considerable

Keep your business moving forward

At the most fundamental level, allowing our expert team of IT experts to solve your technology issues means less downtime – and more efficiency and productivity. We not only remove the headaches and stress of managing your IT in-house but we can also help you to get the best out of the latest productivity tools like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft PowerPlatform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Business Central.

We spot IT issues before you do

We take a proactive, 24/7/65 approach to monitoring your networks, apps, systems and devices which means that we are able to identify and fix issues ahead of time. Before they become costly for your business. And when issues do arise our highly experienced team of IT experts respond quickly to solve them and minimise the disruption to your business – putting in place long-term, managed IT services that minimize the chance of them happening again.

We save you time – and money

Whatever way you look at it, ineffective IT support has real costs your business. From the time your staff waste on a daily basis – dealing with niggling and re-occurring technology issues – to the direct financial impact caused by poor customer services when your systems go down. We remove all of that and our team of IT experts are able to provide highly flexible IT solutions to support your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal team.

Cost-effective, scalable options

Many IT support providers take a “one-size fits all” approach with customers. But at Managed IT Experts we take time to understand the specific needs of your business and provide you with a range of IT support options – from flexible IT services, to fully Managed IT solutions and IT consultancy services – that can scale at the pace you need. And all with simple, transparent and easy to understand pricing.

How we can help your business

We understand fully that delivering IT managed services is not your area of business expertise.

So, we enable you to tap into our technology expertise as an IT solutions provider – and the support of an extended team of dedicated team of IT professionals – that are able to remove the burden of dealing with your IT issues and concerns.

Our managed IT services enable your staff to get back to what they do best – growing your business. And in a way that doesn’t break the bank – with a flexible approach that takes the guesswork out of IT costs – and gives you visibility of costs ahead of time.

  • 9 Security patches applied
  • 16 login attempts  blocked
  • Updated operating system
  • Peace of mind guaranteed

How we help you zero in on the IT solution that is right for you


First and foremost we assess the exact nature of your IT and business needs. At this stage we carry out an initial, no obligation assessment that enables us to create a firm, costed proposal for you to consider.


Based on your needs we work in partnership to deliver an IT solution that is right for you. From a dedicated, flexible ‘block of hours’ approach as part of a Flexible IT Services package to a Fully Managed IT solution where we manage everything from soup to nuts.

Develop and improve

Unlike many IT support providers our focus is firmly on partnership and collaboration. And from there we are focused fully on successfully developing your IT capability over time. With a Roadmap for improvement that is clear between us both.

What our customers say about working with Managed IT Experts

We are the type of ‘hands-on’ IT solutions provider that helps small and medium-sized businesses every day. Here is what just some of them have to say about working with us.

Helping a wide range of SMEs in Central Scotland

As a highly experienced managed IT services company we are able to deliver flexible IT support in Central Scotland in a number of locations including:

IT support in Fife and Lothians
IT support in Edinburgh
IT support in Glasgow

Can we help review your IT options?

As a specialist IT provider, we have extensive experience of helping companies like yours fix their IT issues.

Why not book an exploratory call with us?

30-minute no-obligation call with one of our team members
– no pressure to sign up – just an honest discussion about your own IT needs
– get an expert opinion on your IT challenges and possible solutions


IT Expert

We have a broad range of IT expertise

The list below should give you an idea of the scope of our areas of expertise. Item not listed? Then contact us – the odds are we probably cover the area you need!

• Remote monitoring
• Email protection
• Web protection & filtering
• Managed AntiVirus
• Patch Management
• Secure password management
• IP Access Control
• Domain and SSL tracking
• Cloud solutions
• Hardware
• Unlimited Help Desk
• Penetration Testing

• Advanced Threat Protection
• Accredited Support
• Cloud Security
• Policy Documents
• Mobile Device Management
• Security Assessment
• 24/7/365 Security Monitoring
• Dark Web Scanning
• Security Reporting
• Security Training

We are ISO Certified​

At Managed IT Experts Limited, all our work meets the requirements of the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. To our customers, that means we understand the value of working to an agreed set of procedures. By maintaining our focus on processes, we can achieve our goals quicker, securely and more effectively.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Do Managed IT Experts offer on-site or remote IT support?

Our approach is to provide a blended combination of remote and on-site IT support.

At a core level we use highly proactive remote monitoring tools to monitor to the health of your entire IT infrastructure including IT networks, servers, laptops, desktop PCs and other mobile devices. When issues arise our support team will be notified and in most cases are able to resolve the issue before your teams are even aware there is one.

In addition, however, our locally based and highly experienced IT support team are on-hand to make on-site visits to your business locations. As and when the need arises.

Why should I outsource my IT support?

One of the key reasons for outsourcing your IT Support is quite simply that, unless you are a specialist IT service provider, then managing IT is not your core business! By engaging an external IT support company to manage your devices, networks and IT infrastructure you free yourself and your staff from the burden of managing IT – which enables you to focus on developing your business. This type of approach enables you to get a grip on your IT support costs with highly predictable monthly costs that are agreed in advance. Safe in the knowledge that our expert IT support team are proactively monitoring your IT networks and keeping them safe 24/7 – and available to remediate any problems as they happen.

Who are Managed IT Experts and how can they help my business?

Managed IT Experts are a specialist IT provider and Microsoft Silver partner with over 14 years’ experience of providing comprehensive IT support solutions to SMEs in Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow and across central Scotland. We allow SMEs to tap into the expertise of our trusted IT support team and put your IT infrastructure to work effectively for your business. We do this through a combination of proactive remote monitoring and onsite IT support, highly effective IT security solutions and expert advice on a range of Cloud solutions.

What are the key aspects to look for in an IT Service Provider?

There are a number of areas to bear in mind during your search for a new IT support partner including:

  • Look for an IT provider that is as in interested in your business as they are in your IT systems
  • Ensure the capability to proactively support your business using a combination of remote monitoring plus local, onsite support should you need it
  • Talk to them about responsive times and helpdesk access including drilling down into guaranteed response times and SLAs
  • Ask them how they will onboard your business in the first few weeks. This will tell you a lot about the quality of their processes
  • Look for evidence of the good testimonials and Google reviews from satisfied customers and ask for references late in your decision-making process
  • Make sure they are going to be able to keep your IT systems, data and staff secure from the type of Cyber threats that all businesses are increasingly facing
  • If they have good experience of working with Cloud products then all the better. Business is moving to the Cloud and they need to be able to support that
  • Ask them to clarify the cost of the IT support they will provide. A good IT provider will be able to be very specific and offer ‘all in’ fully Managed IT support in return for a fixed monthly fee to help with budgeting

Do Managed IT Experts offer on-site or remote IT support?

The simple answer is that we provide both.

Our core focus is on providing a proactive IT Support service that aims to spot and, where possible, fix IT problems before you are even aware of them. We do this by using best-in-class remote monitoring solutions and remote support for your employees.

However, we also recognize that sometimes we need to be onsite in your office locations to provide support when it is needed. Which is why we provide both on-site and remote IT support to ensure we keep your business moving effectively.

Talk to our IT experts

Go ahead – ask any IT question you have. We are here to help.