Moving to Cloud-based applications

Implementing Cloud-based apps is a journey.

Not a project

Cloud-based products are different and call for a new approach

At Managed IT Experts we are 100% focused on leveraging the business benefits of the Cloud for our customers.

But Cloud products like Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform are different – and for that reason they call for completely different approach. Before IT projects were big, cumbersome and fixed in nature. They needed months of planning and very often heavy upfront investment in complex infrastructure. With the business benefits firmly back-end loaded. But the Cloud has changed all that by:

  • giving you the opportunity to get started quickly and enjoy business benefits sooner;
  • including the flexibility to take advantage of new features as they come, and not be tied to fixed term requirements;
  • doing all of this for a low, regular monthly recurring fee
  • providing IT as a service and not IT as a project.

For us this is the benefit of the Cloud – a journey-based approach. And this is what we deliver for our clients.

How a journey-based approach works

We take a consistent approach to each and every Cloud based project we undertake. Specifically designed to maximize the business impact for you as a customer.

Benefits of taking a journey-based approach

We find in our work with customers that this type of approach has a number of key benefits:

  • Taking a phased approach enables you to get your Cloud project off and running quickly
  • Cloud-based products evolve daily and you can enjoy the business benefit of them as they are released
  • Reduce the risk of your implementation – flexible contracts enable you to scale up and down as required
  • Reduce the need for training as we work together, incrementally in a very close development process
  • Take a flexible approach with no additional charges for changes as new requirements emerge
  • No hidden extras – everything is built-in from on-going business analysis to incremental implementation and ongoing advice on your roadmap
  • Leverage a lower cost of ownership model as it removes the typical contingency margin of fixed-price projects
  • Provides the opportunity to work in true partnership and get your business to where it needs to be more quickly
  • No need for big initial capital outlays and get ROI faster – with an incremental approach to automating your business
  • Start to feel the business benefit from Day 1 without the need for extensive scoping and requirements definition



Find out how Cloud-based business applications are enabling businesses to reinvent themselves by enabling teams to quickly collaborate wherever and whenever they need – and get the actionable data they need to find and close more business.

Next steps

If you are interested in the potential that a journey based approach to implementing Cloud based applications can have on your business, then talk to us now.

Whether you are looking to get more out of existing Cloud applications you are already using – or are just starting out on your journey – we can help, including providing a no-obligation, independent assessment of your needs.