Helping Kennox get full business value and ROI from Dynamics 365

Focus – Turnaround project for Dynamics 365 including system takeover

Customer challenges

Kennox Asset Management approached Managed IT Experts for assistance having already had Dynamics 365 implemented by another provider.

However, due to a lack of proactive support post-implementation, their instance of MicrosoftDynamics 365  became outdated and no longer “fit for purpose” to meet their business needs. This meant that users had effectively stopped using the system, which meant Kennox were not able to gain the benefits of Dynamics around increased collaboration, improved productivity and better data transparency across their business.

Kennox were facing a number of specific key issues including:

  • Their instance of Dynamics 365 was using an old interface which was restricting business impact
  • The software had not been customised to suit their specific business needs (a key benefit of Dynamics)
  • hey had a number of  disconnected data silos across the business
  • It was difficult for them to have visibility on the performance of marketing activities company-wide

Our Solution

Managed IT Experts was able to take over management of Dynamics 365 for Kennox and – after initially gathering their needs and requirements which including gaining an understanding of how they work as a business – began to implement a number of business-specific customisations including:

  • improved account views
  • enhanced reporting
  • support for marketing processes
  • and automated capabilities.

Which combined to mould Dynamics 365 to exactly how Kennox wanted to operate. And provide more effective support for the business.

By upgrading the user interface to the very newest iteration of Dynamics, Managed IT Experts ensured Kennox was able to benefit a cleaner and more intuitive way of working . As well as being able to instantly leverage the innovative new features this interface delivered.

All of this combined to ensure that Kennox was able to realise the return on investment and business value they had originally planned from Dynamics 365.

Managed IT Experts continues to work with Kennox to ensure they get maximum value from Dynamics 365.

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Kennox is an Edinburgh-based independent global equities investment manager. Their sole focus is the Kennox Strategic Value strategy, a high conviction portfolio launched by their investment team in 2007.

Solution focus

System takeover of existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 by Managed IT Experts


• Existing Microsoft Dynamics implementation did not deliver business benefit

• A number of issues including outdated inferface, lack of customisation and disconnected data silos

• Managed IT Experts took on development and support which included moulding the software to suit the way that Kennox worked

• Resulted in realising return on investment and full business value