Proactive, fully Managed IT Support Services

Specifically designed for Small and Medium-sized businesses

If you are looking for reliable, proactive and cost-effective Managed IT Support in Edinburgh, Fife or Central Scotland then look no further than Managed IT Experts.

We have more than 15 years’ experience of helping small and medium sized businesses get the best out of their IT systems and infrastructure. And as a Microsoft Silver partner we have the proven ability and expertise to proactively tackle any of the IT related problems and issues your business might be facing.

All done in a way that removes the headache of managing IT for you and lets you get on with running your business. With a cost-effective, “all in one” monthly fee that means you know what you are spending from day one.

Just some of the problems we solve for our customers

Comprehensive Cyber protection for your business

According to research by GCHQ there is around a 1 in 2 chance that your SME will experience a costly CyberSecurity breach. We help you mitigate this risk by protecting your systems, your data and your customers with a proactive approach built around the Government led Cyber Essentials programme.

Keeping your business up and running 24/7

System uptime is essential to the health of your overall business. Quite simply your customers demand it. Our fully Managed IT support services – including proactive monitoring and support – ensures that your critical systems and business applications are available for staff, customers and other key stakeholders. Around the clock.

Making effective remote and hybrid working a reality

Flexible remote working is part of the DNA of small businesses now. We provide your teams with the flexibility to work from anywhere. With secure access to the key business applications and data they need to be effective. Across a breadth of digital devices including desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet.

Enabling you to get back to running your business

Every hour spent fixing recurring IT issues is an hour that isn’t dedicated to growing your business. By passing responsibility for managing all of your IT infrastructure across to our expert team –  you free your staff up to focus 100% on your business. While we focus on your IT.

Spending more time managing IT issues than ever?

We can help by removing the burden

The reality is that IT is at the heart of virtually everything your business does these days. And it’s crucial to the success of your SME. But managing it effectively is a skill. And that is best left to an expert IT support provider – which is where we come in. With local offices in Dunfermline, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Our outsourced Managed IT Support service removes the day-to-day hassle and worry of managing problems and issues related to your IT. Saving time and money, and providing your business with access to a hands-on support team. Who are focused on keeping your teams and your customers safe and secure.

All for a fully transparent, single and ‘all-in’ monthly fee – that is a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house IT staff to do the same work.

  • 9 Security patches applied
  • 16 login attempts  blocked
  • Updated operating system

Why our customers trust Managed IT Experts

To keep their businesses safe and up and running 24/7.



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Port of call for our clients when their IT fails

How it works

When you sign up to our fully Managed IT support service our highly experienced team become your own dedicated, virtual IT support team.

It all starts with a plan that is specifically tailored to the IT needs of your business and proactive, 24/7 remote monitoring of your IT systems flags up any technical glitches, errors, hacking attempts or servers that are offline – often even before you realise there’s even been a problem.

Meaning your teams are 100% focused on what they do best – driving your business not forward. Not getting distracted by costly, time-consuming IT issues. We take the load on that one.

What is included?

Proactive remote and onsite support

Our remote monitoring capabilities allow us to effectively manage the health of your IT systems at a distance. But we are also local enough to be on-site in your offices, in a COVID compliant manner when needed.

We enable hybrid and remote working

The last 18 months has forced a transformation in the way that SMEs work. From an overnight shift to homeworking for some to a return to hybrid working arrangements. We help with that transition – securely.

Dedicated support from a named account team

Our business is based on successful customer relationships. And you will be supported from Day 1 by a team that includes includes an Account Manager, IT Director, Operations Manager, Senior IT Engineers and Helpdesk team.

IT support focused on your business

We never lose sight of the fact that your IT needs to serve your business and not the other way round. Which is why we work from an initial strategy for your business right through to regular quarterly business reviews.

Cyber Protection for your business

As a Cyber Essentials certified support provider we realise the importance of protecting your business, your staff and your customers. Putting the technology, procedures and training in place to ensure they are safe.

Peace of mind

At its core our Managed IT support service takes away the sleepless nights. Because you are safe in the knowledge that your IT is in good hands. Proactively managed by experts with your best business interests at heart.

We are ISO Certified​

At Managed IT Experts Limited, all our work meets the requirements of the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. To our customers, that means we understand the value of working to an agreed set of procedures. By maintaining our focus on processes, we can achieve our goals quicker, securely and more effectively.

Save money for your business from Day 1

We have a range of packages depending on your specific business needs.

Fully Managed IT Support

Fully Managed and Proactive IT Support for your business both virtually and onsite. Fully planned to meet your business needs. And all for a fixed monthly fee.

Fully Managed IT Support is available from as little as £300 + VAT per month.

Block of hours support

Our Block of Hours packages mean you can prepay the hours you need and allocate them as IT issues arise. No minimums or hidden fees.

Pricing for this type of support starts from as little as £180 + VAT per month.

Ad-hoc IT support

IT needs difficult to quantify in your business? We can support you on an ad-hoc basis with a ‘break-fix’ type approach to problems as they are arise.

Pricing here is on a case by case basis.

Our pricing is specifically tailored to the needs of your business.

Need to learn more?  Visit our pricing page for some more detailed examples from single office to multisite businesses in the Electronics, Charity and Construction sectors.

It always starts with an open and honest conversation

What our customers have to say about us

We help small and medium-sized businesses every day. Here is what just some of them have to say about working with us.

Just some of the businesses who trust us with their IT

Helping a wide range of SMEs in Central Scotland

At Managed IT Experts we have over 15 years experience of helping local SMEs in Scotland to manage their IT more effectively – from our offices across the Central Belt.

We have worked across a range of sectors including Charities, Digital Agencies, Education, Engineering, Entertainment, Legal Services, Letting and Estate Agency, Manufacturing, Office Supplies, Professional Services and Wholesale.

And you benefit from our extensive expertise in a range of Microsoft products including Office 365, Dynamics 365, Business Central and Power BI. From day 1.

Could we help you with your IT needs?

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

What is fully Managed IT support?

Fully Managed IT support is where you outsource the monitoring and management of your IT networks and infrastructure to an expert IT Provider. In return for an agreed, predictable and low-cost monthly fee the IT services company with provide both proactive remote monitoring and onsite IT support to ensure that your business is kept up and running and your employees, customers and partner are kept safe. This type of support will typically include key elements of Managed IT support – for example IT strategy and planning, proactive monitoring of all devices including desktops, laptops and mobiles, advice on IT security and helpdesk services. A good IT Support provider will also be interested to learn more about your business so they can help align your IT strategy to help drive efficiency, uptime and productivity.

What are the benefits of Managed IT support?

There are a number of key benefits as follows:

  • We remove the burden of keeping your IT systems and infrastructure up and running, minimising business downtime and ensuring high levels of employee productivity
  • Simplifies the complexity around your IT – one number to call, one single contract and full transparency via comprehensive reporting and regular IT business reviews
  • Futureproofs your IT infrastructure and benefit from our state-of-the-art remote monitoring technology designed to protect your business
  • Enables you to tap into the extensive expertise of our trusted and highly knowledgeable IT support team who can help with everything from improving IT security, to delivering data backup and recovery and cloud based services
  • Means you benefit from low capital outlays on IT and spread IT support costs a stable, predictable monthly fee that is all-inclusive
  • You can let us focus on your IT while you and your employees focus fully on your business

What types of IT services and support do Managed IT Experts provide?

Our comprehensive IT support solutions and services are specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses and include:

Contact us for more information.

How easy is it to get started and move to you for IT Managed services?

Once you decide you want us to provide Managed IT Services we work quickly and typically onboarding happens in a week or so. They key thing at this point, however, is to ensure that the support of your IT systems and infrastructure is migrated over safely and comprehensively. This also might be affected by any notice period you may have with your existing IT company but regardless. At Managed IT Experts we have a highly structured and proven onboarding process which we have used to successfully onboard over 50 new customers. And your dedicated account team will take care of everything for you and ensure a safe, secure and hassle-free transition.

What are the core benefits of ‘Block of Hours’ IT support?

When customers come to us they have a choice between our fully Managed IT Support service and our ‘Block of hours’ IT support. Our Block of Hours support has a number of benefits:

  • The ability to spread the cost of IT support for a regular monthly fee
  • A Service Level Agreement that means we provide Guaranteed Response Times
  • All IT requests are logged and reported back to you for full accountability
  • Only time spent on support is counted (no minimum charges per support incident)

Find out more about our range of IT support solutions here.

Why should I choose Managed IT Experts?

We believe technology should be an enabler and not a roadblock for your business. We have been providing trusted, proactive and cost-effective IT services to a range of satisfied customers in Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Central Scotland since 2008. Our combination of highly responsive remote and onsite support is key to keeping our customers businesses up and running and removing the stress, concern and uncertainty surrounding their IT infrastructure. What our customers say about us matters so read our Google Reviews to get a feel for how they like working with us.

How quickly can I get started with Managed IT Experts?

We realise that very often customers have a need to get started with our IT services quickly and our initial engagement with you is designed to take account of that.

For Managed IT support services – once you give us the go-ahead – we are able to onboard you in a week or two. How quickly that happens depends on a number of factors (including whether you have to provide notice to an existing IT Support provider).

Things are very similar for our Cloud based solutions too.

Whatever your need is – we have a tailored and detailed onboarding process that makes things as painless as possible.

Talk to our IT experts

Go ahead – ask any IT question you have. We are here to help.