Managed IT Support


Why would you choose Managed IT Support?

When you sign up to our fully Managed IT Support service, we become your virtual IT support team– doing everything to ensure you never feel even the slightest bump in your IT systems. In addition, this IT support and peace of mind comes with a fixed monthly fee, so you know exactly where you stand.

How does it work?

    • 24/7 remote monitoring of your IT systems flags up any technical glitches, errors, hacking attempts or servers that are offline – before you even realise there’s a problem.
    • That means that more often than not, IT issues are fixed before you even know there’s an issue.
    • There are certain basics that every business should put in place to protect themselves. We offer these and much more depending on your specific needs.

Your expert IT team includes:

    • Virtual IT Director who oversees your IT strategy and makes sure that your IT is aligned with your business goals.
    • Account and Operations Manager who dispatches and coordinates all of your IT issues and manages any IT projects.
    • Senior IT Engineers who deals with any more deeply rooted technical IT matters.
    • IT Engineers who look after the helpdesk and deal with any necessary day to day IT issues as well as ongoing maintenance tasks.

How much will it cost you?

      • Your virtual IT department comes at a fraction of the cost of employing in-house IT staff.
      • With Managed IT Support we become responsible for your IT systems so you can have total peace of mind… and it’s all for a small fee starting from £25+VAT per User per Month.

What is next?

At Managed IT Experts we believe in listening to our clients. So, the first thing we do is sit down with you and talk about your organisation.

After hearing your business needs, we can then do a full, impartial business IT assessment. Analysing where you stand – including any shortfalls in your IT systems. Your detailed report will also be accompanied by a quote for a fixed monthly fee for Managed IT Support service.

We also guarantee that there will not be annoying follow-up calls if you decide that Managed IT Support is not for you.

Call us now on 01383 722225 to schedule a call or an on-site visit.

The CompTIA Managed Services

Trustmark offers our clients peace of

mind, knowing that we employ

industry best practices and tools to

keep your business systems up and


It also confirms our commitment to

quality, assuring our customers that

we have what it takes to help them succeed.


  • We couldn’t be much happier with the way things have gone since we commenced using Managed IT Experts over a year ago.
    Previously, our IT security and planning was very reactive, and as a result was a bit haphazard.

    Managed IT Experts offered a sensible analysis of what our shortcomings were, and they worked with us at every stage, mainly leading us into a much more secure environment, with proper back-ups

    And organised IT protocols. All changes were planned in some detail, and as a result of the homework having been done, it invariably led to the various projects being achieved reasonably on time, and also achieving the objective set.
    What we like about suppliers is if they do what they say they are going to do, and that is exactly what Managed It Experts did for us.

    We are in a much better place now, IT-wise, and a lot of that is down to the way Managed It Experts led us.

  • We have been using the services of Managed IT Experts since the summer of 2016 when we had a reasonably major IT issue.  This matter was dealt with professionally and with a sense of calmness that got us all through, what would have otherwise been, a very difficult time.

    We have since used Managed IT Experts for all our IT requirements and find them an absolutely superb company  to deal with.  They carried out an appraisal of our IT situation and put in place a range of suggestions to improve our systems.    We have taken all their considered and objective advice and over the last 18 months worked through their suggestions and our business is now in a far more robust position.

    The nice thing is that their high standard of service and rapid response times have never waivered and have remained consistently high.  This gives us peace of mind and lets us focus on the things that matter – running our business.     We feel lucky to have a supplier with the technical abilities of Managed IT and we would particularly like to thank Richard for all his efforts over the last 18 months.

    One thing we really like is the transparent way they raise bills.  You know exactly what you are paying for and we particularly like the “Block of Hours” system which is essentially a pay as you go billing system.

    We would strongly recommend Managed IT Experts to anyone who is looking for a partner to support their IT systems.   When you are out your comfort zone you need someone who you can trust and rely on and these guys won’t let you down.

  • Managed IT have been prompt and professional in all aspects of their business and often go out of their way to help beyond that of the service that we pay for. Well priced and market aware of technological changes whilst understanding individual needs.

  • I have used MITE for three years and have always received a prompt, friendly and effective service. As a group the staff are all very friendly and professional and will go out of their way to help resolve an issue immediately. I would recommend them to every business owner.

  • With a company name like Managed IT Experts I had some negative preconceptions, however after spending a few hours with David and his team, it was clear they are deserving of the title IT Experts and they are superbly managed. I have high confidence in their ability to make the right choices for the right reasons.

  • You guys have been good, respond promptly and give helpful answers and options.



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