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87% of businesses have a high risk of project failure without an in-depth Business Information Review

60% of employees say their office technology is inadequate

Nearly 80% of businesses believe technology can improve their efficiency

Is your business grappling with inefficiencies in its IT systems, such as CRM or ERP platforms? Many businesses encounter this challenge, yet conducting an in-depth review internally can be overwhelming. Often, there’s a lack of technical expertise or time to assess business information systems thoroughly.

We offer a comprehensive analysis of your current business applications landscape, providing valuable insights into areas for improvement. From enhancing data interconnectivity to identifying opportunities for streamlining processes, we help you unlock the full potential of your business information systems.

A practical, results focused assessment

We are a hands-on team focused on delivering tangible outcomes rather than delivering long, “shelfware” style Business Information Reviews that appear impressive but could never be implemented.

Our methods, processes and methodologies are tried and tested, and designed to deliver actionable results.

This means we can rapidly and reliably deliver a Business Information Review  that:

  • identifies incremental improvements that can be implemented from day 1
  • enables you to leverage the extensive expertise that Managed IT Experts has built up from over 20 years of work in the field

The stages of your Business Information Review

Requirements Capture

The first stage is the definition of the requirements for the businessWhilst you will have at least a general understanding of what you are looking for, we aim to really drill into what the company is expecting the system to achieve.   

Specification Outline 

At this stage, we will create an outline specification document as an evaluation tool against existing solutions.  It will provide the framework for moving forward to selecting the appropriate business system for you. 

Product Selection

We will determine metrics for Return on Investment and success KPIs to ensure that you reap the benefits of the new system implementation. 

Implementation Plan

Once the system has been selected, an implementation plan will be put together to determine how the system will be put to use.

It will include any customisation requirements, data import, base system settings, security, etc. 

Here is an example of how a Business Information Review has helped a business


A leading engineering company based in Edinburgh faced challenges with its business systems that hindered its operational efficiency. Their project management software, CAD tools, and document management systems were not fully integrated, leading to delays in project timelines and inefficiencies in collaboration among teams.

We conducted a thorough analysis of their current software infrastructure, focusing on areas such as data management, collaboration tools, and project workflows.

During the review process, we identified several key opportunities for improvement. By integrating their project management software with their CAD tools and document management systems, the business could streamline project workflows and improve collaboration among engineering teams.

The results were significant. They experienced a notable reduction in project lead times, enabling them to deliver projects more efficiently and meet client deadlines with greater reliability. Additionally, the improved collaboration among engineering teams led to enhanced productivity and innovation, driving business growth and profitability.

What our customers say about working with us

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