Microsoft Power Platform for Business Automation

Quickly turn your business automation wishlist into a reality

Automate to get more out of the applications you already have.

Very often business improvement projects – which can range anywhere from order processing improvements to streamlining financial reporting – simply don’t get off the ground due to high costs and insurmountable legacy IT issues involved.

But Microsoft Power platform has changed all that.

It provides the capability to quickly and easily build new solutions right on top of your existing legacy systems.  Via integrations with everything from Sage to Salesforce. Removing the need for costly infrastructure changes.

And delivering real business value in days and weeks. Not months and years.

Microsoft Power platform leverages integration with hundreds of commonly used applications in your business.

What exactly is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful business application platform that enables quick and powerful deployment of applications that:

  • solve key business and process issues with minimal infrastructure issues
  • enables you to surface and enrich data in a more insightful way
  • can quickly connect legacy systems and provide a single central view of processes and data

Just some of the ways we help our customers using Power Platform

Removing time-consuming and costly spreadsheets from business processes

Simplifying and optimizing order processing

Streamlining and automating the financial reporting process

Improving the efficiency and speed of data processing

Automating repeated and regular data input and analysis

How we do it

Managed IT Experts is a Microsoft Silver Partner and we use the breadth and power of the Microsoft Power platform to quickly and cost-effectively build solutions that leverage:

Power Apps

We quickly build apps that easily connect to data and run on the web and mobile devices.

Power Automation

Apply powerful workflow automation directly into apps to connect popular apps and services.

Power BI

Experience your data through real-time interactive visualisations to act on new insights.

The benefits to your business

A highly cost-effective approach.

Speedy results – in days not months.

Leverages the systems you have already invested in.

Streamlines and removes complexity from business processes.

Frees your staff up to focus on what matters.

What our customers say

“Managed IT Experts were able to quickly streamline our financial reporting by pulling together data from disparate legacy systems – proving higher quality insight”.

James Barbour, Director

“We drastically improved our staff productivity – by simply eliminating time being wasted on manual and repetitive tasks.”

Ian Paltiel, Director

Let us help fix YOUR business problems. Quickly.

If you have specific issues that are impacting your business effectiveness back, don’t be held back inflexible legacy systems.

TALK TO US about a rapid and cost-effective solution based on Microsoft Power Platform today.