IT Support pricing

Indicative IT support package prices

The challenge with IT support prices is that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to providing accurate costs. Without knowing your specific business needs that is.

There are quite a few variables that feed into the equation. And our own approach to pricing mirrors our broader approach to delivering services – they are tailored to your own, specific business circumstances.

However, as a first step, here are some examples of the types of IT support packages and pricing we provide for our customers.

Fully Managed IT Support pricing examples

Our fully Managed IT support package is ‘all-inclusive’ and involves Managed IT Experts taking full responsibility for IT within your business.

Fully Managed IT Support pricing is flexible based specifically on the needs of your business and starts from £300 + VAT a month.

How we calculate your monthly IT support contract pricing – the monthly fee is calculated based on a variety of factors including:

  • the number of users we need to support
  • the number of business locations
  • the complexity of your IT setup
  • the age and state of your IT equipment
  • if you have a fully cloud based setup or on-site Servers
  • the coverage of support needed (basic or extended hours)
  • the number of business applications you have and any third party providers that have to be supported

Amongst other factors.

So what does that look like in practice?

Here are examples of outline IT support costs.

Electronics Manufacturer


£540 + VAT per month

Managed IT Service pricing based on:

  • 18 users
  • Manufacturing facility in Livingston
  • Includes support for on-site server

Charity Organisation


£1,020 + VAT per month

Managed IT Service pricing based on:

  • 51 users
  • Edinburgh-based with additional 2 satellite offices, one in Scotland and one in England
  • Fully cloud-based (no on-site Server) and flexible staff working arrangement

Construction Company


£2,100 + VAT per month

Managed IT Service pricing based on:

  • 100 users
  • In Dalgety Bay with another two satellite offices across the UK and remote workforce
  • Includes support for on-site server

Could we help make your IT more effective? Remember these are indicative costs only. For pricing tailored around your specific business needs contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Block of Hours IT support pricing examples

We also provide flexible IT support on a Block of Hours basis.

Block of Hours IT Support pricing starts from as little as £180 + VAT per month

How we calculate it – for Block of Hours we:

  • estimate an average number of hours required to support the IT in your business
  • which can be adjusted later if IT requirements increase or decrease
  • meaning you have a fully bespoke arrangement that adapts to your business requirements and budget
  • you simply choose how many hours you need and allocate your IT support tasks on demand

Single Office Business


£180 + VAT per month

Block of hours IT support pricing based on:

  • 7 users
  • Based in Dunfermline
  • Fully cloud based without a local Server

Charity Organisation


£360 + VAT per month

Block of hours IT support pricing based on:

  • 10 users
  • Office in Glasgow
  • With flexible working arrangement with some staff working remotely, with PCs and laptops

Construction Company


£570 + VAT per month

Block of hours IT support pricing based on:

  • 20 users
  • Offices in Kirkcaldy, Dundee, and Edinburgh
  • Some business applications in the Cloud, on-site Server in Kirkcaldy office

Do you need hours-based IT support for your business? Let’s get more specific. Talk to us about your own IT needs now and we can provide tailored quote.

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Charlotte, Specialist Connector Provider

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Michael, Electronics Manufacturer

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Brian, Biotech Company

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