Cloud CRM Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Does your company need or use a CRM system?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are a vital part of business operations for many varied types of companies. They can considerably increase productivity and enable efficient workflow processes from sales, through production / operations and even finance.

There are many systems out there to choose from; many of which are very focused & narrow in their delivery. This often means that businesses are forced to alter their own internal processes to meet the limitations of a system, rather than benefiting from the luxury of a system that can be truly tailored to meet their needs.

What is a Cloud CRM?

Gone are the days of needing to invest vast sums of capital expenditure in infrastructure and expensive software licensing to support operating your own CRM on your own servers.

You may well already be operating in the cloud for other services in your business, so it might be a technically & commercially appropriate decision to switch your CRM to a cloud service too.

Being in the cloud, means that it doesn’t matter how or where you access the CRM as it’s available on phone and tablet devices, anywhere, anytime as long as there is an internet connection.

There are many valuable and popular cloud-based CRM systems out there, none of which have the flexibility and customer led focus that Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 by Microsoft is the latest iteration in a long-running series of CRM software produced by the global software giant. Much like its sister service, Office 365, Dynamics 365 is an entirely cloud-based service that runs in a straight-forward, flexible licensing model (paid per user, per month).

Like most Customer Relationship Management services, users enjoy the pre-built tools around a client database, plus other ‘departmental’ style services, including marketing, finance & sales.

Dynamics, however, is unlike most CRM platforms in that the level of customisation user businesses can benefit from goes far beyond what you would expect. The platform can be tailored,  to meet most internal business processes or workflows, rather than being forced to adapt the way you work around a system.

Key Aspects of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Tailored – every company is different and therefore Dynamics 365 offers relevant tools, applications and process workflows for companies to fulfil their  day to day tasks with ease.

Productive – Like most CRMs, Dynamics 365 is easy to use and efficient, ensuring that users get work done and aren’t encountered by complicated and difficult problems.

Flexibility – Dynamics is closest to ‘one size fits all’ with a straight-forward, cost effective, pricing structure along with the scalability to grow or shrink as your business demands.

Familiar – Unlike a lot of potentially unknown services out there, Dynamics 365 is built by Microsoft, right alongside your other core line of business tools. Enjoy true integration with your other data, communication & collaboration tools within Office 365 and other cloud services you may well be running within Azure.

How can we help?

Most providers of Managed IT Services tend to steer away from involvement in their client’s software and operational systems, such as CRMs, as their knowledge in this area is often very limited.

We stand-apart from our competitors because we understand their importance and value to your business, which is why we customise, configure, deploy and support Microsoft Dynamics 365 for our clients, along with the rest of their IT services & infrastructure.

We’re proud to say we hold the expertise internally to help our clients get the best value from such a powerful system. Not only that, but we believe in the system so much that we operate it internally for our own business!


If you would like to discuss your business operational challenges, your Customer Relationship Management tools or any IT woes, please get in touch with us for some free advice & guidance.