Cloud-based Digital Workplace solutions

Re-invent your business digitally

Our flexible, cost-effective Cloud-based business applications will transform the way you work

Grow your business

Find and close more of the right type of deals, faster than ever

Automate to improve productivity

Get more done more quickly by giving your teams the tools they need to collaborate effectively

Get 360° business insight

Take gut feel out of the equation & make data silos a thing of the past with one single version of the truth

Reduce your costs

Get an Enterprise Grade solution for a fraction of the cost with low up-front investment and pay-as-you go pricing

Boost customer experience

Create personalized and effortless customer experiences across any channel

Re-imagine your business digitally. By connecting your customers, people, products and operations.

Our Digital Workplace solution enables you to leverage the power of cloud-based technologies to make a digital transformation that makes major improvements to your business, customer experience, your staff productivity, and your revenues.

It gets you out of spreadsheets and provides your teams with the tools to quickly collaborate and win more new business, boost customer experience, improve productivity and get a 360-degree view of your business that helps you reduce your costs and improve profitability.

All in one business management solution. That is built on the familiar Microsoft applications that you and your staff use every day.

Digital Workplace


How business applications are transforming small and medium sized business

A guide to getting started with them in your business

Find out how Cloud-based business applications are enabling businesses to reinvent themselves by enabling teams to quickly collaborate wherever and whenever they need – and get the actionable data they need to find and close more business.

Introducing Digital Workplace

Here are just some of the ways our Cloud-based solution will help you boost our business

Turn relationships into revenue by fully aligning your sales and marketing teams and going beyond simple sales force automation. Get real-time insight to better understand customer needs, engage and nurture more effectively – and win more business.

Use powerful AI and automation, and social data from LinkedIn, to enable smarter relationship selling and intelligently build a pipeline that is more likely to convert.

Grow Your Business
  • Shorten onboarding time – for new sales staff with contextual help and an AI-driven sales process
  • Increase sales effectiveness – by using real-time analytics dashboards to plan and monitor results
  • Gain visibility & insights – move from data to predictive insights with interactive, drill-down reports
  • Use out-of-the-box dashboards – dynamic lead scoring and segmentation to gain customer insight
  • Run multi-channel campaigns – and monitor interactions across emails, landing pages & social media
  • Use online customer surveys – to better understand what your customers really need
  • Create a single view of the customer – with one, 360° view of contacts, leads & customers
  • Close more deals – with personalized, account-based marketing that drives relationships and revenue
  • Use powerful automation – to drive prospects quickly through the funnel
  • Simplify sales execution – and accelerate deals with an end-to-end guided experience for opportunity management
  • Increase seller productivity – with intuitive, familiar tools like Excel and Outlook alongside Dynamics 365
  • Sell anytime, anywhere – support sales on the go, using contextual insights via mobile app
  • Provide the best next step – and stay informed about customers you care about with embedded insights
  • Target new customers – enable insight-driven social selling and get lead recommendations via LinkedIn
  • AI driven insight – guides sales staff through best next steps to close business more quickly
  • Enable relationship selling – by connecting data and processes that build trust and scale easily
  • Get a clear view of organization structure – with interactive org charts that identify stakeholder relationships
  • Personalise your content – and sales documents with embedded Office 365 tools

We help you to take control of your workload and work smarter– not harder. By moving away from the world of the disconnected systems, data silos, processes and systems that can hold your business back.

Digital Workplace gets your business out of paper and spreadsheets and give your teams the tools and capability to collaborate, share and analyze information – and quickly make the key decisions that keep your business moving forward. Whenever and wherever that business takes them.

All in a single, end-to-end solution that not only leverages the Microsoft applications you are already familiar with like Office 365 – but also integrates with the best-in-class third party solutions you are already using like Xero, Sage, and many others.

Automate to improve productivity
  • Bring your business together – with more efficient processes and more efficient teams
  • Minimize time spent on admin – and time spent piecing information together with one single copy of the truth
  • Integrate best in class 3rd party applications – that you are already using
  • Use intelligent automation – to dynamically guide sales and customer service staff by surfacing the right information at the right time
  • Free up your sales people to sell – and close more deals by automating repetitive, low-level tasks
  • Use AI to automate – issue resolution and free up your customer service staff for high-value interactions
  • Enable collaboration – and better communication between teams from sales & marketing, through finance to customer service
  • Work better together – by getting the right people connected to leverage expertise and solve problems for customers
  • Enable employees to work from anywhere – with anywhere and any device working across PC, tablet and mobile

By smashing through data silos, our Digital Workplace solution puts you in the driving seat and lets you focus firmly on the big picture. Use predictive insights to get a 360° view of your customers with AI-driven data on buying, service, and communication history all available in one place.

Take gut feel firmly out of the equation and let automated reporting and dynamic drill-downs help you zero in on the information that really matters. Use data as a competitive business advantage – to help you better understand your customers and connect with them on their terms. And focus on the most profitable opportunities.

Get 360 degree business insight
  • See everything in one place – with one single point of truth across sales, marketing, operations and customer service
  • Take control of your business – and make better informed decisions by sharing data across your business in real-time
  • Spot trends early –with smart data intelligence that lets you understand what is and isn’t working and take corrective action
  • Analyse customer data at a glance – with highly customizable dashboards that enable you to drill down to the data that really matters
  • Get an end-to-end view – of the customer journey from sales to service and delivery
  • Get actionable insights – that help you sell more, more often and create exceptional customer experiences that boost customer loyalty
  • Get a single dashboard view – across teams, functions and regional teams across your business
  • Empower your sales force – with deep customer profiling and AI driven insights that help you drive your business revenue
  • Create data-driven customer experiences – that give you the competitive edge you need and keep customers coming back for more

Get an Enterprise grade solution without Enterprise costs.

When you look at the benefits of our Digital Workplace solution, you would be forgiven for thinking that it might be out of reach for you financially. But that simply isn’t the case.

It has been designed specifically with SMEs in mind where you can benefit from flexible pricing. And we can work to transition your business at a pace to suit your business – and scale up or down based on changes that come along. And as you move from Capex to Opex, it’s kind to your cash flow too.

And once it’s in place, you will start reducing costs and improving margins across your entire business.

Reduce Your Costs
  • Pay as you go model – removes the need for heavy fixed infrastructure costs
  • Independently deployable apps – allow you to grow at the level and pace of your budget across your organization
  • Scale up or down – to meet seasonal or other changes in your business or quickly take advantage of new opportunities
  • Ensure you don’t over-service clients – and miss out on valuable billable time which can be invoiced
  • Highly accurate staff time tracking – ensures you don’t leave money on the table and no revenue falls through the cracks
  • See the transformational difference in profitability – as this goes directly to your bottom line
  • The data you need to focus on the bottom-line – with the ability to track, model and assess the financial position right across your business
  • Drive margin revenue growth – by analyzing the profitability of business at a granular level
  • Reduce operational expenses – with financial process automation and budget planning and control.

Effortless and personalized service. On any channel.

Digital Workplace lets you differentiate your brand and earn customers for life with built-in intelligence that delivers faster, more personalised service and adds value to every interaction, even on the go.

Supercharge the customer experience and engagement by creating a personalized experience on every channel. Use AI to increase availability and let customers serve themselves – freeing up customer service staff to concentrate on higher-value interactions.

Boost Customer Experience
  • Create effortless support experiences – make it easy to find answers through self-service, community or social channels
  • Use AI through virtual agents – use service bots to automate resolution and free your agents up for higher value interactions
  • Resolve issues before they happen – and keep customers happy ahead of time with predictive care
  • Guide agents to optimal outcomes – let intelligent automation dynamically guide agents to the right actions by surfacing relevant information exactly when they need it
  • Personalise service at every touchpoint – a 360-degree view of each customer’s journey enables your staff to anticipate needs and personalise every interaction
  • Turn service into revenue – use service and support to drive upsell and cross-sell by empowering staff with automated recommendations
  • Learn from your customers – create opportunities to improve the service experience through feedback, forums and social listening
  • Turn insights into action – improve service through targeted analysis of service and business-critical data
  • Speed onboarding & adoption – quickly onboard new agents and keep them fully up to date on new features and best practices
  • All
  • Business and Commers Centres
  • Business Centres
  • Charities
  • Construction
  • Digital Services
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Golf Clubs
  • Healthcare
  • Legal Services
  • Letting & Estate Agencies
  • Manufacturing
  • Office Supplies
  • Printing Services
  • Professional Services
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Solicitors
  • Transport
  • Wholesale

They are years ahead of our last IT providers. At least they actually take an interest and provide a quality service.

Dougie Shaw

Managing Director


I have known David and Managed IT Experts for a few years now and always found them to be the most reliable and client focused of IT services providers. His depth of knowledge is immense and his ambition equally as high.

Mark Mitchell


Thomson Cooper

David and his team were very informative in their approach, listened and came up with the best possible solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has made our business processes simpler, saving time and money. Thankyou Managed IT Experts.

Ian Paltiel


Internet Creation Ltd

How can we help you get started with Digital Workplace?

That really depends on where you are starting from


If you’re unhappy with the performance of your existing IT support we can quickly get that under control and then help you create a Roadmap for Digital Workplace


Do you already have MS Dynamics 365, Power BI or MS Office 365 but don’t feel they are working for your business – we can provide advice and support packages to help get you back on track.


We also help customers who see the true value in a business-wide digital approach.

Regardless of where you are in your IT journey, we can get you firmly on the road to leveraging the full value of the Cloud.

Managed IT Experts is a Microsoft Silver Partner with over 15 years experience of providing proactive IT and digital support to small and medium sized businesses.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Who is using Digital Workplace right now?

We work with a wide range of customers in different business sectors on our Digital Workplace solutions.

You can read a case study for Processplus here. And also find more detail on the type of work we do and our customers in our case studies section.

How quickly can I get started with a Digital Workplace solution?

One of the benefits of our approach to delivering Digital Workplace is that it allows you to get up and running and feel the benefits in your business quickly. There are two main reasons for this:

  • The nature of Cloud based products like Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office 365 means that many of the legacy issues you would typically have – including restrictions around capability of existing infrastructure, level of investment needed and time to set up – are removed.
  • Managed IT Experts has extensive experience of developing Digital Workplace solutions for our clients and this expertise is available to your business from Day 1 to benefit your business

Digital Workplace sounds like a lot of effort for my business. I am not sure I have the time and resources to implement it.

We find one of the attractions in this type of approach to developing IT capability is that it allows customers to to take an incremental approach to rolling out new tools and features in their business.

So instead of taking a more traditional “big bang”, large project based approach we like to work in a more agile way by focusing on your initial priorities and getting things started in a way that matches the capacity you have in your business – and moving a pace to suit you. Which balances the need to deliver business value with minimizing disruption to your existing activities.

And because products like Microsoft Dynamics 365 continues to add features on an almost daily basis it also allows you the ability to flex and include new requirements as they emerge – in a way that isn’t possible with an upfront, requirements led approach.

Digital Workplace sounds like it will deliver a LOT for my business – however I am not sure my business can afford it.

It’s true – Digital Workplace does deliver a huge amount of capability for your business. Essentially it is enabling SMBs to enjoy all the benefits of solution that was previously only available to larger businesses.

So, you could be forgiven for thinking it might be out of reach. However, because of the cost and scale dynamics of the Cloud, the good news is that it gives you Enterprise level capability without the costly Enterprise price tag. All wrapped up in a highly affordable and fixed monthly fee – with the flexibility to scale up and down as required.

What exactly is a Digital Workplace solution?

Digital Workplace is a new way of thinking about delivering real business value out of your IT approach and investment.

It is focused around harnessing the enormous potential in a new generation of Microsoft Cloud-based products including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. And enables SMBs to grow their business more effectively by providing your teams with the tools they need to collaborate and find more business – all through the lens of better 360° business insight.

Who are Managed IT Experts and what experience do they have with Cloud based and digitally based solutions?

Managed IT Experts has over 15 years’ experience of providing state-of the-art and proactive digital IT solutions to a wide range of small and medium-sized business in Scotland and the wider UK market.

We are a Microsoft Silver Partner with extensive experience of implementing Cloud based solutions for our customers. Find out what customers say about us on our testimonials page here.