CASE STUDY – KDM Shopfitting

Industry sector: Fit out contractors/shopfitting

Managed IT Experts has been successfully working with KDM shopfitting to deliver their IT strategy, support and development.

Customer challenges

KDM originally approached us because they were unhappy with the service being provided by their existing IT provider which we were pleased to be able to help with initially by switching support for their existing on-premises infrastructure to Managed IT Experts.

However, in addition, they also wanted help to:

  • address some very specific issues they were having with their email system in term of reliability and security
  • create a realistic IT roadmap that would allow them to raise the standard of their IT infrastructure over time at a pace to suit them

Our work with KDM moved from improving their Core IT support initially to creating a full Roadmap for a Digital Workplace solution .

Managed IT Experts worked in partnership with KDM to deliver a phased approach to meeting these challenges head-on.

Phase 1 – Improving Core IT support

The early stages of the project were about providing a better level of support for KDMs existing on-premises infrastructure – becoming their Virtual IT support team.

To make this happen we were able to change the focus of their IT support from a reactive approach to one that was based on a proactive and forward-looking approach. Based on best IT practice and with a view to improving the effectiveness of their IT over time.

Business Benefits of Phase 1

  • 24/7 remote monitoring of their IT systems flag up any technical glitches, errors, hacking attempts or servers that are offline – before they even realise there’s a problem
  • Which means that, more often than not, IT issues are fixed before KDM even know there’s an issue

This initial stage provided us with a springboard to then move on to look at leveraging the Cloud in the next phase of the project.

Phase 2 – Migrating KDM’s email infrastructure to the Cloud

Like other businesses, KDM are heavily reliant on email as their main communication tool between offices, staff, clients, and the sub-contractors. However, over time their old, on-premises based, Exchange Email Server was causing more and more issues in terms of reliability and also security.

So, Managed IT Experts quickly identified that as the logical place to start the project migrate their email infrastructure to the Cloud. Very often, this is the first step for many of our clients.

After reviewing different solutions, KDM decided to go with the Microsoft’s Office 365 proposition and start by adopting their Exchange Online email platform. The migration involved around 60 users – including all their existing email data – and key for KDM was the need to minimise downtime and to ensure that no data was lost as part of the process.

Managed IT Experts were able to deliver against this by:

  • Careful planning of gradual migration to avoid any surprises on the project
  • Putting in place safeguards to ensure that not a single email got lost across the organisation during the switchover process
  • Taking a user-by-user approach to transition across desktop and mobile that included:
    • Ensuring that both cloud and local email was available for a short time
    • A practical double-check on data to ensure it was fully migrated
    • Training and personal support for all users

Business Benefits of Phase 2

  • Delivering better productivity by enabling staff and subcontractors to access email in the cloud – and supporting remote working and collaboration across desktop, tablet, laptop and smartphone
  • All of the advantages of a lower cost and lower risk solution that removed the need for ongoing, costly investment in their “old” on-premises infrastructure
  • An enhanced level of business continuity due to the availability of email and data in the Cloud
  • Peace of mind that they will always have the latest version of the email system and MS Office suite applications like Outlook, Word, and Excel available
  • All of this for a small monthly per-user fee

Phase 3 – Business Information Review & Digital Workplace Roadmap

Following the success of the Office 365 project Managed IT Experts continues to work with KDM to deliver the business benefits of an ROI driven, Cloud-based approach. We carried out a comprehensive Business Information Review that enabled us to create a phased, realistic, cost-effective plan that includes:

  • SharePoint migration
  • Construction industry software migration
  • Old CRM system migration
  • Move to Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure Cloud

Managed IT Experts continues to work with Processplus to develop and improve their IT capability by working in strong partnership all along the journey.

Business Benefits of Phase 3

  • Lightened the load on the existing server and provided a more secure solution
  • Phased migration minimized disruption to users and the business
  • Laid the technical groundwork for Phase 4 and leveraging the potential in Cloud based apps

We have been using Managed IT Experts for many years and find their service both professional and cost-effective. Managed IT Experts has managed to understand KDM’s IT needs and provide a service that could not imagine was possible. I would gladly recommend Managed IT Experts to any SME located in the East of Scotland.

Mark Jones, Director,

KDM Shopfitting Limited

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About KDM


Established in 1998 by Iain Jones and based in Dalgety Bay, Fife, KDM Shopfitting has developed through the partner’s extensive trade experience and multi-sector knowledge.

Solution focus

Managed IT, phased IT migration and development, Office 365 and business applications


  • KDM initially approached Managed IT Experts because they were unhappy with the service from their existing IT provider
  • The early stages of the project involved improving their core IT support
  • Next we helped them to migrate their email infrastructure to the Cloud in an incremental way
  • We are now helping them implement a roadmap for our Digital Workplace solution