IT System & Infrastructure Audit

Why undertake an Independent review of your IT systems?

27% of small businesses don’t have IT support

60% of employees say their office technology is inadequate

Nearly 80% of SMEs believe technology can improve their efficiency

Are you frustrated with the efficiency of your IT infrastructure? Many businesses face this challenge, yet performing an in-depth IT audit internally can be daunting. Often, there’s a lack of technical expertise or time to conduct a thorough review.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your business’s IT systems, offering valuable insights into their real-time health. By identifying priority areas for improvement, such as cost savings opportunities, enhanced customer service, or bolstered network security, we empower you to optimise your IT environment effectively.

A practical, results focused assessment

We are a practical team, focused on delivering tangible outcomes rather than delivering long, “shelfware” style infrastructure reviews that appear impressive but could never be implemented.

Our methods, processes and software tools are tried and tested. And designed to deliver actionable results.

Which means we can rapidly and reliably deliver an IT system review that:

  • identifies incremental improvements that can be implemented from day 1
  • enables you to leverage the extensive expertise that Managed IT Experts has built up from over 20 years of work in the field

Here are just some of the types of IT infrastructure reviews we can provide

Initial Technical Review

A plain English, IT services review report based on Best IT Practices. A transparent and independent view of your IT infrastructure with scoring system and recommendations.

IT infrastructure review

If your IT systems need refreshing, we can provide you with the full IT system review and recommendations on the most cost-efficient and best-fitting option.

Business Information Review

We review your business software, analyse your requirements and provide you with guidance on the most cost-efficient and best-fitting solution on the market.

No obligation assessment

Or simply contact us and have an initial discussion with one of our expert consultants about your specific business needs by scheduling a 30 minute exploratory call.

Here is an example of how an IT review service has helped a business


A manufacturing company based in Dunfermline faced numerous challenges with their IT infrastructure. Their systems were outdated, leading to frequent downtime and inefficiencies. Additionally, they were concerned about the security of their network, especially with the rise in cyber threats targeting businesses like theirs.

We identified several areas for improvement, including upgrading hardware and software, implementing robust cybersecurity measures, and optimizing network configurations for better performance.

With our recommendations, they took swift action to implement the necessary changes. The results were transformative. Downtime decreased significantly, boosting productivity and reducing operational costs. Furthermore, the enhanced security measures provided peace of mind, protecting sensitive data from potential cyber-attacks.

What our customers say about working with us

How an IT systems and infrastructure review works

We make an assessment of where you are right now

We will assess your internal IT service delivery or external IT service provider to consider if improved services or technology could provide efficiency improvements or cost reductions.

We review your technology and business roadmap

We will provide an infrastructure review of your technology roadmap and assess how closely that maps to the underlying business objectives you are trying to achieve. And identify any potential gaps.

We provide independent, actionable recommendations

We will then report back to you. With practical and highly actionable recommendations on how to create most cost-efficient technical and technical solutions for your business.

Take advantage of a government-backed 100% funded IT Grant

If you would like to get your independent IT review and audit done, why not take advantage of a grant scheme and benefit from up to £4,000 value of our expert services?

We’ll take care of the application process

  • We are an approved IT company for numerous IT grant schemes.
  • The process is simple, and we will drive it for you.
  • Once approved, we will deliver the IT review to you at no cost.


Why not have an initial conversation with us now?

If you’d like to learn more about the potential for an IT systems review in your business then a good starting point is an initial discussion with our expert team.

Book an exploratory call with us

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