Could your business in Fife or Lanarkshire benefit from IT funding?

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Could your business benefit from IT funding?

Is your business based in Fife or Lanarkshire ?

Do you do business with other businesses?

If the answer is yes to both questions your business can still apply for up to £800 in IT consultancy fees, paid for by Business Gateway Fife or Lanarkshire under their ‘Expert Help’ scheme.


How Can The Business Gateway IT Support Scheme Work For You?

Your Expert Help consultancy session can cover any IT issue or challenge you are facing, including:

* General independent IT assessment / review.thumbnail_time to review

* Investigating the market for the best solution for your business challenges e.g. CRM systems, integration, migration to the cloud, communications, or bespoke software.

* Reviewing and recommending your best options for maximising your IT ROI.

* Upgrading infrastructure, or starting afresh with scalable IT solutions.

* Resolving any other your business-critical IT issues.


Why Now?

thumbnail_Fotolia_24914676_SFunding for business support projects can be time-limited and are often over-subscribed. This grant might be available right now for your company to get help to realise your IT projects that will make your business more efficient and resilient. Future proofed IT will give your company longevity in a fast-moving market.

The technology available to help you (e.g. manage your teams, find and monetise new customers, improve operational efficiency, or maintain customer loyalty) can seem overwhelming, given the scale of innovations available.

However, it is vital for your business to stay ahead of IT trends. Exploring what is possible for your business now, whilst there is support available can make all the difference to pushing your business ahead.

If your business systems could benefit from being reviewed by IT experts, please tell us about your current challenges, by calling one of our helpful team on 01383 722225 or simply email us at


Who Are Managed IT Experts?

thumbnail_Fotolia_85726375_SManaged IT Experts have been approved as partners to deliver Business Gateway ‘Expert Help’ scheme in Fife. Our team have extensive expertise in designing and implementing IT systems to ensure you optimise your business operations hassle free and make them work for you. We provide a friendly, tailored and affordable technical support service for businesses and have a great reputation for customer satisfaction.

Let’s make gearing your business up for the future as easy and pain-free as possible. Get in touch with your local IT specialists today on 01383 722225, or simply e-mail us back with your questions.