Benefits of Office 365

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Why Office 365 from Microsoft makes total business sense?

Pricing starting from only £2.5+VAT per user per month, Office 365 has a lot to offer.

Let’s explore some of the business benefits.

  1. Continuous synchronisation across devices, allowing to work with all services as and when required
    It is possible to start working on a text document in Office on the desktop, continuing editing on a tablet on the way home, and then send it in an e-mail, attaching finished text document. Possibilities are limitless with such setup and would enable always-up, always-available access to your business documents.
  2. Single point of user and system management
    Administration of some systems may be sometimes a very daunting task, but with Office 365 integration of users is seamless and all changes are implemented immediately. All users settings may be changed from one screen.
  3. Collaboration and shared access to documents
    As it is a cloud solution, Office 365 integrates with all your individual devices and information is fully synchronised between them.
    This also means that a vital document may be shared and edited by different people at the same time, making it a single point of access.
  4. Single storage for all organisation
    Instead of using different providers or storage solution, Sharepoint keeps all organisation’s data at hand, with customised permissions and settings where and when needed.
    This allows senior stakeholders to have full access to all documents, whereas, for example, junior staff would have access only to training and basic documentation.
  5. Increased level of security
    Office 365 allows you to attach several protection mechanisms to elevate account security, such as Multi-Factor Authentication and text/phone call.There is also an option to set explicit passwords for different applications. So if needed it is possible to set a separate password for Skype for Business or any other service, and it will be different from the main account password.

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