Why would you need a strong password?

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Danger of weak passwords

Usernames and passwords are everywhere these days, being the first point of interaction with many services and resources online. This, however, is a big cybersecurity risk as hackers may access it as well from any remote location if they have your login details.


Weak passwords

There are many “bad” passwords, which are not considered secure because they are often used and are easy to guess. Best examples of such include – Qwerty,pa55word, london1234, craig1, myusername7, and similar.

So why exactly these passwords are considered “bad”?

They are easily reproduced and are always included in dictionaries when attackers try to use configured databases. Such databases range in size and thus complexity. Some may include few million passwords and be the size of one CD, and there are some amounting to the size of big IT data centre, and theoretically there is no limit to it. When there are such dictionaries, containing millions of passwords, they will have all these standard passwords listed and all of them will be tried on the system.

So what is the solution?

Use passwords with lowercase, as well as uppercase letters; any other symbols/numbers would be only beneficial. Also, the length of password plays a vital role, as increasing the length from 8 to 9 letter increases complexity exponentially, and further on. Examples of good passwords are – Gty1823POLO!, 375zuLu*Ply, S3cuR3pw£.]

Entering credentials on untrusted websites

Many passwords are hijacked when entered on dubious websites and strange logins. If you ever see website requesting username and password, but it does not seem right, it is advised to leave it. Strange Windows prompt when doing usual things? I could be virus crawling on your system, and entering your details would expose your system as you just allowed it access your account.

Safer environment?

One of the solutions is Multi-Factor authentication that makes it near-impossible for hackers to gain access. Having application on a smartphone which generates temporary passwords, with also password authentication provides one of the best secure and user-friendly options available.