Why go for the fully managed IT support?

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Some people ask whether outsourcing their IT support is something worthwhile for their business, until something goes wrong, at which point it’s essential.

So what are the main benefits of fully managed IT support?

  • Budgeting – with no surprise IT emergency callouts to factor in, your finance department will know exactly what’s going in and out each month, making a steadier balance sheet.
  • It’s proactive – your IT support provider will proactively monitor your IT systems, leaving you with one less thing to worry about, and the chances of disaster less likely.
  • There’s a service level agreement – you’ll know exactly what to expect from your chosen provider. This document will lay out everything you need to know and what’s covered in your IT support package. It keeps everyone informed and manages expectations.
  • Clear response times – similarly to the service level agreement, when you have managed IT support, you know exactly what to expect if and when something goes wrong: will your providers come on-site? How long will it take to fix a problem? How do you classify the various problems?
  • Experts on site – your business and your IT support provider can agree how much time they ought to spend on-site during the relationship. This will likely be more intensive in the early stages as your chosen provider assesses your current setup and suggests improvements.

Outsourcing your IT support fundamentally means that you will have less to worry about on a daily basis. If something did go wrong with your IT, you know that help is a phone call away – and it won’t cost you the earth as an emergency callout would.

It’s great to have a relationship and trust your IT support, and not simply have strangers look after your IT. It’s difficult to put a price on peace of mind, but we believe it’s imperative to a well-run business.


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