Free webinar: Key actions in finance, legal, IT and recruitment for a strong start to 2021

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Free webinar: Key actions in finance, legal, recruitment and IT for a strong start to 2021

As what has been a challenging year for everyone draws to a close, many businesses are turning their attention to planning for 2021.

So, what are the quick wins that your business can apply now – across finance, legal, recruitment and IT – that ensure your business starts next year in the strongest possible position?

Key issues you should be focusing on include:

Finance tips: (David Charles, AD+ Chartered Accountants)

  • Learn how to improve the financial results of your business by using two simple but powerful questions.
  • One could help you find immediate cash flow boosts, and the second could help you to remodel your business.

Legal tips: (Amy MacKenzie, Harper Macleod LLP)

  • Business-critical issues to be considered from a legal perspective as we move towards a post-Covid world
  • simple but effective legal changes to make to current business operations

Recruitment tips: Jim Gallagher, Titan Recruitment

  • Review of the current recruitment market, which sectors are recruiting and recruitment options for now and 2021
  • Bringing employees back from furlough and how to avoid losing staff


IT tips: (Stuart Ambler of Managed IT Experts)

  • getting more out of Microsoft Teams by using the more powerful collaboration tools that are available
  • unlocking real business benefits with cost-effective, easy to deliver app integration


This webinar has ended, but you can view the recording here.