That’s a very common question and unlike many other IT Support companies, we are happy to give you a straight answer.


Block of Hours IT Support

  • You can purchase IT Support in a range of 5, 10, 15, 20 or more support hours in advance.
  • There’s no expiry for the un-utilised time.
  • All IT support work is recorded to the minute. This means – NO minimum charges.
  • You also receive a 20% discount on our standard rate, and it starts at only £360+VAT for a 5-hour block.


Managed IT Support

  • Proactive fully Managed IT Support service ensures you never have to stop work for any reason other than you want to.
  • Managed IT Experts will become your virtual IT support department – ensuring you never feel the slightest bump in your IT systems operation.
  • And this peace of mind comes with a fixed fee starting from only £25+VAT per User per Month.


We appreciate that every organisation is different. So we leave it up to you, our client, to decide which IT support option suits you best.


Software Development

Bespoke software development, consultancy and project management work is charged at £90 + VAT per hour.