(Ebook) 9 Myths About Moving to the Cloud

By May 26, 2020 March 19th, 2024 No Comments

Most companies have already decided they need the business agility and want the cost savings that come from moving to the cloud.

But with the bewildering amount of contradictory information and advice circulating on the Internet, not many really understand either the potential upside or how to take the first steps on their journey.

In our Ebook 9 Myths About Moving Your Business to the Cloud we try to provide a plain English, balanced guide that provides real answers and addresses some of the key myths that have grown up around the subject including:

  • Myth: Keeping data on-premises is safer than in the Cloud
  • Myth: I have to move everything to the Cloud. It’s an all-or-nothing scenario
  • Myth: Migrating to the Cloud is too much for my business to handle

Find out the real story behind each – and all 9 myths – in the ebook here.