Does Microsoft 365 easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Yes – both of these products are part of the Microsoft Cloud applications suite and these applications are specifically designed to integrate to improve productivity and collaboration in your business.

The specific integration between Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes:

  • Outlook integration – allows users to access Dynamics data directly in Outlook itself without the need to log into Dynamics 365. So, for example, sales teams can work with email, appointment and task data directly in the Outlook interface
  • Sharepoint integration – in the same way it is possible to store documents related to Dynamics 365 in Sharepoint libraries
  • Microsoft Teams integration – Microsoft Teams users are able to call up and embed Dynamics 365 content within the Teams interface making collaboration on customer projects much more efficient

There are also a host of other integration possibilities including integrating Dynamics with OneDrive for business amongst others.