Cyber Essentials Central Scotland: Certification and Costs

Why Cyber Essentials matters for your business

73% of small businesses suffered a breach in 2021

Average cost of a data breach is £12.000

Less than 24% of companies have a CyberSecurity plan in place

There is mounting evidence of a surge in Cyber Attacks on small and medium-sized businesses. Undertaking a Cyber Security Audit like Cyber Essentials is key to mitigating this risk.

Cyber Essentials, including Cyber Essentials Plus, is a program endorsed by the UK Government. It is specifically designed to help you evaluate the Cyber Security risks in your business using a structured approach.

An approach that we use in our own business to assess our internal IT Security.

Manage security risks with Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

There is a 1 in 2 chance – according to GCHQ – that your business will be breached from an IT security perspective.

With Cyber Essentials we can help protect you against this including:

  • assess the level of Cyber threats to your business
  • reduce the risk of the most common attacks through changes to your IT infrastructure
  • provide peace of mind that your business is secure from these threats

All in one singe, cost-effective package.

What are the business benefits of Cyber Essentials for Central Scotland businesses?

You can rest easier

Cyber Essentials helps you protect against the most prevalent Cyber Attacks encountered by small businesses. Leaving your staff work confidently and safely – with 100% focus on building your business.

A proven framework

Cyber Essentials is tailor-made for businesses looking to protect themselves against Cyber Attacks. By implementing five established controls encompassing boundary and firewall protection, secure system configuration, network access controls, malware protection, and patch management.

Show customers you care

Featuring Cyber Essentials certification on your website tells your customers and partners that you prioritize IT security and the safeguarding of their data. And completing certification decreases the change of Cyber attacks in future.

Secure new business

Effectively implementing Cyber Essentials can be a spur to winning new business. By signalling to prospective customers that you prioritize secure business operations. And it is often a mandatory requirement in the tender process for various Government contracts.

Some feedback from our valued customers

How we use Cyber Essentials to deliver better IT security

Assessing security risks

An initial Cyber Security audit is key to understanding your IT security risks and issues. We work alongside you to assist in completing the initial assessment and help determine if Cyber Essentials or Essentials Plus is suitable for your specific needs.

We implement

Building upon the initial risk assessment, we work with you to quickly resolve the IT security risks identified. And rapidly enhance the level of your IT security.

We create an ongoing plan

Delivering effective IT security is not a one-time process. So we work with you on an ongoing basis to keep you systems secure as part of a wider approach to effective IT support and management.

How much will Cyber Essentials Certification cost?

Cyber Essentials certification is priced from £300 + VAT. Managed IT Experts can also help with Cyber Essentials Plus and other certifications. Talk to use about a tailored quote.

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