Are there any drawbacks of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a powerful suite of tools for businesses seeking comprehensive CRM and ERP solutions. While it is widely used and valued for its extensive features and scalability, there are some considerations to keep in mind. The platform’s initial investment and ongoing costs are higher than so-called “out-of-the-box” apps that are very restrictive in terms of customisation. However, if you compare it like for like with competitor CRM/ERP platforms such as Salesforce, Oracle, etc. you will find that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is very competitively priced. So, as always, it is all about comparing ‘apples with apples.’ 😊

It is perhaps not so much a drawback of Microsoft Dynamics 365 but it is worth mentioning the customisation potential in Dynamics has virtually no limits. And for some customers, it could appear a bit complex initially. This is where the support and advice of an experienced Microsoft partner really comes into its own. Their deep knowledge of the product will enable them to map your business requirements and tailor the most important features in Dynamics 365 to get you up and running with a solution. Cost-effectively and quickly.