7 warning signs that it’s time to review your IT Support

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We think it’s realistic to assume that almost every business has IT issues and frustrations.

We have highlighted 12 common signs that indicate it is time to review your business current IT support arrangements.


7 warning signs that it’s time to review your current IT Support


1 – Increasing time spent on IT

Are you that IT savvy person in your business? If so, you may notice that your time is increasingly demanded by IT related issues.

IT issues can become a real source of frustration and get in the way of your more important work related tasks. This is perhaps the most common frustration; a tipping point for most businesses and a big warning sign that it’s time to review your current IT support arrangements.

2 – Frustrations with downtime

When your IT systems, computers, emails, servers, software and networks aren’t working properly your business will slow to a crawl.

Downtime for businesses these days simply isn’t an option!

 3 – Increasing worry of IT security issues

Security issues are a real threat for small businesses. Your business relies on IT every single day, and the last thing you want is to have to deal with emergency IT security issues.

If you find that your current IT company is not on top of your business IT security, now would be the time to review your IT support arrangements.

 4 – No/Poor IT strategy

If you are thinking, “what’s an IT strategy” then this should be a warning sign for you. It’s not that uncommon for a business to not have a plan or strategy for your IT, however, going forward you will certainly need one.

Your IT strategy should align with your wider business goals to ensure that your IT supports your growth and development plans for the future.

5 – A lack of backup & disaster recovery planning

Do you worry that you’re just one disaster away from a complete IT meltdown? Do you know how protected you are from different crises – i.e. a virus attack, malicious data encryption, or a power cut?

If your current IT provider can’t provide you with a backup and disaster recovery plan, it is a very good sign it is time to review your current IT arrangements. At the end of the day, it is your business and you must protect it!

6 – A loss of productivity

Everything from slow computers due to software inadequacy, through to downtime due to security issues will have a negative impact on the productivity of your team and your business. Instead of your IT being an asset for your business, it becomes a liability.

If your IT is a source of productivity loss and is having a negative impact on your business, then it really is the time review your current IT support arrangements.

7 – Reliance on employees

You may have arrived where you are by relying upon your IT savvy employees. Perhaps that person is you?

As much as your team likes to keep ahead of industry trends and developments, they simply won’t have the same focus and attention as a professional IT Support Company.

Also, it’s potentially a much more expensive way to managed your IT; you have to pay your employees when they are dealing with IT issues, and at the same time they are not getting their own work completed – it’s a double whammy!