What are the key aspects to look for in an IT Service Provider?

There are a number of areas to bear in mind during your search for a new IT support partner including:

  • Look for an IT provider that is as in interested in your business as they are in your IT systems
  • Ensure the capability to proactively support your business using a combination of remote monitoring plus local, onsite support should you need it
  • Talk to them about responsive times and helpdesk access including drilling down into guaranteed response times and SLAs
  • Ask them how they will onboard your business in the first few weeks. This will tell you a lot about the quality of their processes
  • Look for evidence of the good testimonials and Google reviews from satisfied customers and ask for references late in your decision-making process
  • Make sure they are going to be able to keep your IT systems, data and staff secure from the type of Cyber threats that all businesses are increasingly facing
  • If they have good experience of working with Cloud products then all the better. Business is moving to the Cloud and they need to be able to support that
  • Ask them to clarify the cost of the IT support they will provide. A good IT provider will be able to be very specific and offer ‘all in’ fully Managed IT support in return for a fixed monthly fee to help with budgeting