Why Choose Us?


Who We Are

We started offering IT solutions in 2005. And we’re proud to be still serving most of those same clients plus many more across the whole of Scotland and the UK.

We become each and every client’s IT partner – acting before IT downtime and IT issues affect your business productivity. And constantly thinking about how IT could help grow your business.

What We Offer

We offer state-of-the-art IT services and solutions to businesses. Which range from minimising your IT downtime to modernising your IT and helping you grow your business and become more productive.

We can help you with your IT strategy, modernising your workplace, choosing the right business applications, and making the most of the latest Microsoft applications – Office 365, Dynamics 365 CRM, Power BI, etc. We act as your IT department, and our team of IT experts use the latest technologies to look after your IT while minimising any disruptions to your business. All for a fraction of the costs of employing your own IT staff.

Our forward-facing attitude, innovative thinking and know-how mean we give businesses what they want.

How We Differ

  • We specialise in providing affordable and high value for money IT solutions to SMEs.
  • We become your single point IT partner who can help you with all things IT in your organisation – from making sure your IT works to helping with your business software.
  • We have a long-standing track record of 15 years, and 95% client retention.
  • We practice what we preach, and we use all the IT solutions that we recommend.
  • We speak plain English and always try to find the simplest solution to your needs.
  • Our technical team have a vast wealth of experience over their long careers in IT support and software consultancy and development.
  • We provide truly proactive IT services that are backed up by our on-going investments in cutting edge IT tools and systems. It means – minimum IT downtime to our clients.

TEN REASONS why you should choose us


  • 1st Class Service

Customer Satisfaction Score averaging 9.1 out of 10.

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  • Proactive


It is not just a buzzword for us and we have put our money where our mouth is by investing in cutting edge technology and tools guaranteeing the delivery of proactive IT Solutions and Support for our clients.

  • Affordable


Cost effective and flexible IT Solution and Support options tailored to your business while keeping our pricing simple, transparent and fair.

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  • Transparent


It is the backbone of everything we do. Our continuous investment in the best IT tools in the market guarantee the delivery of transparent workflow with automated daily, weekly and monthly reporting.

  • Reliable


15+ years delivering IT Solutions and Support taken care of by our qualified and experienced IT staff.

  • Accountable


To make sure you get the best service every time we have special workflow management tools for full client reporting.

  • High-calibre engineers


Our staff are hand-picked not just for their technical expertise, but for their listening and people skills too.

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  • One stop shop


Being 15 years in business we have done it all and you can take advantage of our experience for your business.

  • Business aligned


We use Best IT Practices so we can put plans in place how to help your business grow and make you more competitive with the help of IT.

  • Practising what we preach


All the IT solutions that we offer to our clients are being used in our own office.

So the recommendations you get from us are based on first-hand technical and business experience.



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01383 722225

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