Voluntary Action Fund save on their IT and become a more flexible organisation

The Voluntary Action Fund (VAF) is an established charitable organisation who raise funding to set up and provide programmes for voluntary organisations and community groups across Scotland.

As new members of staff join this organisation the opportunity to replace old Windows based XP PC’s resulted in an IT strategy being formed to improve the reliability of their IT infrastructure and the strategy allow for additional staff to work in VAF offices, remotely from client sites and also enable home-based working practices.

Solution delivered

Rather than spending £500+ on traditional PC-based computers and requiring to add additional server capacity, Green IT-in-a-Box was proposed as a cost effective and flexible IT strategy to cost effectively deal with current and future expansion.
The flexibility of this solution enabled currently serviceable PC’s and peripherals on VAF’s conventional IT infrastructure to be “plugged in” and accommodate the additional users with ease and inexpensively. Following the Green IT-in-a-Box strategy also allows VAF to deal with ongoing migration of users from their old computers to a new green, energy and cost efficient IT environment.

Capital and Energy Savings

Initial capital savings were achieved when comparing this approach with conventional IT systems. The foreseeable future will enable VAF to budget for savings of up to 50% on capital expenditure when adding new users or migrating current users from old computers.

Additionally, VAF will be saving up to 90% on their IT energy bill, enjoy low cost Managed IT support services, and be seen as credibly addressing environmental issues by becoming greener.

Additional Benefits

Operationally VAF now enjoys the flexibility of being able to offer and deploy staff with remote working and effective hot-desking ways of working in a less noisy and uncluttered working environment. Green-IT-in-a-Box has now been installed in VAF’s newly acquired Glasgow office and will be linked to the Head Office ‘s functions and systems based in Fife.

portfolio image

Voluntary Action Fund has contracted Managed IT Experts as a provider of IT support for over five years. David has been instrumental in developing a positive professional relationship and has been influential in the development of our IT infrastructure. He has also sponsored several Volunteering Awards on behalf of the organisation showing commitment to our values and mission.

Voluntary Action Fund Chief Executive Keith Wimbles