Processplus Ltd. headquarted in Dunfermline, Fife, is multi-disciplined process instrumentation and engineering company, and they have over 28 years experience in the industry.

Processplus have amassed an enviable reputation providing specialist expertise to the highest standard within electrical, control and instrumentation engineering. Offering a complete one-stop single source solution from design and project management to automation and process control at Processplus they recognise that their clients are more dependent than ever on the partner companies they select.

Business Requirement

Processplus were looking into the best ways to make their business more efficient and making the most of the latest technology was one of the ways to achieve that. Also, at the same time, they were looking at ways improve their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy.

Another main challenge was how to improve the company’s systems as they had numerous past attempts with different technology providers and it hasn’t met their expectations.

That’s when we started talking about Microsoft’s Cloud and their Office 365 platform geared toward small businesses.


Business Solution

As Processplus were keen to review and continue building on their Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it made sense to explore Office 365 as the best starting point for other business applications migration to the “Cloud”.

So, initially, we migrated their email system to Office 365 Exchange Online and this way took one of the critical functions off their local Server. It was a smooth transition without any major issues and the next stage that Processplus have started planning for is to move their File Server to SharePoint online.

Once that is completed, we will be helping them to “join” it all together where all their business applications will be “talking” to each other avoiding the usual issues that come with data silos. So, it was definitely the right move to go to the “Cloud”.


Business Benefits

One of key benefits for Processplus was the ability to phase in small projects as part of the bigger and wider technology strategy. This way they avoided long lasting, costly, and potentially business disrupting IT projects.

Also, as many employees, as well as the management, work remotely a lot and sometimes outside normal working hours, it is great to have a peace of mind that your emails will always be available with a 99% availability guarantee from Microsoft.

Another major benefit is that Processplus are now in a much better place for their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

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