Established in 1987 Premier Services (Fife) Ltd has developed into one of the largest independent Scottish based providers of services in the security and environmental markets.


Business Issues and Requirements

Premier Services have been dependant on an old Lotus spreadsheet set up to run their business. It was very time-consuming to enter and find information about their clients. They required a full-time admin person just to handle the information flow between clients and engineers.

Premier Services whole operation was reliant on Lotus, that is an obsolete system, and it posed a big risk on the business.


Business Solution

Based on an in-depth assessment of Premier Services needs and requirements, we identified Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform as the best fitting and the most cost-efficient solution.

We agreed to use an Agile development approach where we worked very closely with Premier Services team to build a bespoke solution based on their business processes. Also, it meant that they could break down the project into smaller “chunks” and this flexibility was very important to the business owner.


Business Benefits

Apart from protecting the business from an imminent risk of an old solution failing and causing major disruptions to the business, it has also delivered the following benefits:

  • Saving a minimum of 4 hours per day of admin time on data entry tasks.
  • Increased staff productivity and improved customer service by spending less time looking for information and being able to help clients faster.
  • Increased profits due to better customer service and higher client retention.
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