Managed IT Experts is a long established, premier IT solution provider based in Dunfermline, Fife and looking after clients in Scotland as well as around the whole of the UK.

We practice what we preach all the IT solutions that we offer to clients are used in our own office, and Dynamics 365 is not an exception. So, the recommendations you get from us are based on first-hand technical and business experience.

Business Requirement

The company has always been big on systems and processes, and over the years we kept adding different software applications that would take care of a particular function. However, we reached a point where we had six different business applications, and most of them wouldn’t “talk” to each other.

It created so-called “data silos” and as the business grew it was more and more challenging to make sure that there’s a smooth flow of information within the business.


Business Solution

After spending a lot of time reviewing different solutions on the market and some of the well established PSA (Professional Service Automation) tools in our industry like Autotask and Connectwise, we decided to investigate Dynamics 365 CRM option.

Once we have realised how powerful and flexible Dynamics 365 was we have instantly fallen in love with it, and the rest is history. In less than a year we managed to eliminate four of the business applications that we had and move the functionalities across to Dynamics 365 – CRM, helpdesk, project management, and client satisfaction surveys.

Also, on top of that, we got rid of at least four spreadsheets that were used in the past to “glue” different parts of the systems together. Now, the remaining three third-party applications remained as there was no need to re-invent the wheel. However, to assure a smooth data flow in the company we have integrated them with the Dynamics 365 – Xero for accounts, and SolarWinds for remote monitoring and management.


Business Benefits

One of the key benefits of Dynamics 365 for us was the ability to customise and tailor it to our exact business needs and our, in some cases, unique processes.

Also, it was very easy to integrate Dynamics 365 with the rest of Microsoft technology like Office 365 and LinkedIn that Microsoft owes. All this meant that we could have a very rapid implementation cycle and at the same time reduce project costs.

So, now we can confidently say that we are a data-driven business. We have a solid basis to continue growing and satisfying even more clients with our excellent customer service driven by solid processes and systems.

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Dynamics 365 has transformed our business in many ways and looking back it was a real no-brainer decision. Now, our focus is on helping other businesses to achieve the same kind of business benefits and value that Dynamics 365 can deliver.

David Shuster – Managing Director at Managed IT Experts in Dunfermline