Formed in 2000 Internet Creation is a dynamic, forward thinking creative digital agency. Their business is based around their fundamental policy of providing the best personal service available.

Business Requirement

The main issue for Internet Creation was their old, on-premises, Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Not only that it was no longer reliable enough but also it posed security risks to the business as well.

Also, they had a plethora of different business applications and the challenge was that most of those individual systems wouldn’t “talk” to each other. It meant that it was hard to take business automation to the next level.

Business Solution

Internet Creation have decided to stay with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as their fully integrated, end-to-end business application. However, they had to move with times and they decided to go to the “Cloud” and move it to the new Dynamics 365 CRM platform.

Their data, including SharePoint, was migrated from the old system to the new Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Online solutions. On top of that, we have exported their sales data from other sources including their LinkedIn accounts and in a matter of only a few months, they were working on their new Dynamics 365 CRM.


Business Benefits

The key objective of migrating from on-premises to the Cloud was successfully achieved and now Internet Creation is in a much better place for their business security and also systems’ usability.

Also, an additional “quick win” was centralising their client data in one place. This also helped them with GDPR compliance as it is now much easier to manage their client and prospect data.

So, now Internet Creation have a stable and robust business software platform that they can develop further.

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 David and his team were very informative in their approach. They listened to our requirements and came up with the best possible solutions. Since we have started using Microsoft Dynamics 365 our business processes have become much simpler saving time and ultimately money.

Thank you Managed IT Experts.

Ian Paltiel – Director at Internet Creation Ltd