Dunfermline Business Centre saves more than £11,000

Solution required
Fife Council’s fully serviced business centre in Dunfermline needed brought into the 21st century. The centre had only one old laptop which was used by the receptionist, so if they were to survive as a useful facility there was a clear need for a proper IT infrastructure that would enable more efficient work for them and their facility users. And as an extra consideration they needed something to drive the ever-changing content on the big display screen in the foyer.

Solution delivered
The centralised Green IT-in-a-Box solution was put in place. This allowed the receptionist to work away as usual and gave a system that the big display screen could work easily off. And that was just the start. Special dual video input devices were fitted that allowed any visitors using the meeting rooms to use virtual desktops and control the projectors at the same time from their user stations. Suddenly this felt like the modern office environment it deserved to be.

Capital and Energy Savings
Green IT In-A-Box’s incredible Energy Efficiency means the centre will be saving between 40-50% of the energy it would use with a conventional IT setup. This means it’s not just great for the environment but it will be saving them around £2,167 over the next 5 years. On top of that the Capital Savings on IT equipment arrived to £9,244. That’s good business.

Additional Benefits
On top of considerable savings on IT equipment as well as energy bills, the centre now has noiseless and space saving stations instead of old bulky PCs. Also Green IT-in-a-Box enables fast disaster recovery and the business can be back up and running in hours, not days. This provides a major contribution towards centre’s disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

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  • Capital Savings £9,244

  • Energy Savings £2,167