Falkland House School goes green & saves > £20K

Falkland House School
Falkland House School specialises in the education of boys who require additional learning support and is the first independent school in Scotland to be awarded Autism Accreditation by the National Autistic Society.

Solution required
IT facilities at the school consisted of 40+ old PCs that were no longer adequate or effective for teaching purposes. System crashes, slow response and compatibility issues with up to date educational software packages were all common issues. The school was aware that the IT facilities needed to be replaced with the new equipment but could only act within budgetary constraints.

Solution delivered
Green IT-in-a-Box
was proposed as an ideal solution for the school and the 40+ old PCs were replaced by a greatly simplified IT infrastructure consisting of only two servers. All processing and data are now handled by the central servers where each student’s screen is connected through the standard computer network.
This installation demonstrated how easily Green IT-in-a-Box solutions can be adapted to meet customer needs and achieve maximised performance and reliability for minimal costs.

Capital and Energy Savings
The school benefited from initial Capital Savings of £10,247 comparing it with a conventional PC based solution and Energy Savings over a 5 year period are going to be more than £11,134.

Additional Benefits
On top of that the future IT budget for upgrading the IT systems will be minimal as only the two servers will require to be upgraded rather than more than 40 individual PCs. Notably and equally important from reducing capital and revenue costs, the school has now become eco-friendly and greener with a less energy intensive IT solution.
Additionally staff and students now enjoy much more flexible remote working, true hot-desking and a near noiseless learning environment.

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  • Capital Savings £10,247

  • Energy Savings £1,926.