Cyber Essentials

What would you do if your client database was stolen, you couldn’t access your email or PC?


The UK government started a new scheme called in 2014 to help businesses protect themselves from hacking attacks. It is also mandatory for applying for some government tenders and contracts. We can help you to implement Cyber Essentials and give you peace of mind that your business is cyber secure.

All businesses, including SMEs, are vulnerable to attacks by malevolent hackers. Cyber criminals search out and exploit basic weaknesses in your IT systems and software. Perhaps you think that your business is not worth targeting?  Unfortunately, this is not true.  A recent government report shows that for businesses of all sizes, the cost of IT security breaches has doubled since 2015.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the most severe breaches cost can now reach as high as £310,800, up from £115,000 in 2014.  The latest government survey shows 46% of businesses suffered some form of cyber attack in the last twelve months.



Cyber Essentials shows you how to address basic security areas and avoid the most common attacks.

To implement the most effective cyber protection for your business choose Managed IT Experts: we are a one-stop shop for all your company IT security and managed IT support requirements.

We will choose the best fitting combination of security measures for your business – from anti-virus to web filtering to advanced intrusion detection and prevention systems.



  • It shows that your business takes cyber security seriously
  • Cyber Essentials certification is mandatory for some government tender applications
  • Protects your business or organisation from malicious hacking
  • Potential lower insurance premiums
  • Various official organisations now require it as signifying “best practice” in their sector
  • Cyber Essentials logo provides visual reassurance to customers on your website
  • Having the certification shows competitive advantage over rival firms who do not have it



Cyber Essentials certification starts from as little as £300 + VAT

Managed IT Experts have already achieved the highest level Cyber Essentials Plus certification, which demonstrates that we take cyber security very seriously and we practice what we preach.

David Shuster, Managing Director of Managed IT Experts, says, “This certification demonstrates that we are fully compliant when it comes to cyber security. For those we work with, this certification provides additional peace of mind.”


Contact us for a free consultation on how to best protect your business from a cyber-attack: 01383 722225 or email us at [email protected]