Charities Go Green and Save

At Green IT-in-a-Box we have a wealth of experience in the Third Sector.

We understand the culture, ethos and the particular financial pressures of this unique industry.

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How Green IT-in-a-Box lowers the cost of IT acquisition?

  •  Reduced Upfront Costs —save up 50% on PCs.
  •  Reduced Energy Costs—save up to 90% on the energy bills.
  •  Reduced Management Costs—reduce the need for IT support.

How is that possible?

  • The concept is very simple – your new powerful Green IT-in-a-Box Server running in your local network will be able to accommodate up to 20 of your staff members with such an ease you will be wondering why you had been stuck with your old PCs for so long. So there’s no black magic and each user gets a new Windows 7/8/10 based PC.

Why have you never heard of it before?

  • It is not a good business strategy for big computer manufacturing companies – they’d rather sell you standard PCs and make more profit from you. This means that this new technology hasn’t been promoted to charities and that’s how there’s a big chance you have never heard of it before and didn’t know it even exists.

Is it reliable?

  • It is a mature business and IT solution and we have many charity clients who have been using this new server technology for more than 5 years now. Also, we are more than happy to give you a list of our charity client references for their first-hand feedback.

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